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Customers increasingly crave relevant and personalised communication at all touchpoints. They want to be seen and addressed as individuals. They want authentic interactions with brands who are willing to treat them as more than just consumers – brands that dare to display human qualities themselves. And they want those brands to get it right, wherever they are talking to them.

To meet this demand, organisations must unlock seamless omnichannel marketing strategies. They need the right technologies to fulfil these strategies.

Personalisation and omnichannel marketing are powerful differentiators when connecting to customers, to build brand love and customer action. Being able to provide a unified experience throughout the customer journey is rewarded with loyal customers, who buy more and who become ambassadors for your brand – a far more effective form of promotion than any campaign you could launch yourself.We are ready to help you release your omnichannel marketing potential when you are ready to move closer to your customers.

76% expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations and 70% say a company’s understanding of their individual needs influences their loyalty.1

Join your customers in the omnichannel world

Omnichannel marketing isn’t about pushing the same message through as many channels as possible. Different customers will choose to interact with your brand across different combinations of channels at different times. Not because they are preoccupied with channels, but rather because they are channel-agnostic or channel opportunistic: Whichever channel is most opportune in a given moment is the one they will use.

As a marketer, however, you have to be more deliberate. You must aim to engage with customers through any channel that is appropriate to them in a given situation and in doing so, providing a holistic experience.

As customers move between channels in nonlinear paths, the complexity increases. They may start in the physical store, visit the website a couple of times, talk to a chatbot and then finally convert via an ad.

To keep track of the customer and provide a seamless experience throughout the customer journey, you must be able to identify the customer; data must be collected, consolidated and synced up. Regardless of the device or the stage of the customer journey, each interaction and touchpoint must be captured to enrich the conversation. Every further step in the communication must be executed on that basis.

Studies show that the more channels your customers engage with, the more money they are likely to spend on your brand.2

Balance reach and relevance

There’s a natural tension between reach and relevance. Relevant and personalised communication will deliver high conversion rates and value – but it doesn’t give you volume. The approach is leaving potentially valuable customers behind as you’ve not yet identified the right triggers to get the personalised, relevant message to them.

To achieve volume, you have to balance your programme with a certain level of mass communication, unlocking reach – even if it’s at the cost of relevance.

Gradually the balance between data-driven (personalised) communications and campaigndriven (mass) communications will shift more and more toward the higher value, more personalised messages as the quality and depth of your customer data increases. In other words, the growth in data-driven relevance becomes a continually improving asset.

Campaigns and customer lifecycle communications supplement each other

From single to omnichannel marketing3





Let us help you connect with your customers

At Agillic, we live and breathe to empower marketers to win and retain customers through creative, personalised and data-driven communication. We are marketers ourselves, with in-depth domain knowledge within the MarTech space.

The Agillic Customer Marketing Platform is evolving as the digital marketing landscape is continuously rewired. We are always optimising, adding powerful features to keep our clients at the frontline. At the core of everything we do is a dedication to helping brands connect with customers with communication that matters.

From a single interface, you can:

  • Build your data model on a fully flexible data structure, creating the ideal foundation for all your communication
  • Obtain a 360° view of the customer to ensure consistency across all channels
  • Create personalised communication to boost engagement through relevance
  • Execute across inbound and outbound channels, such as email, SMS, app, and web
  • Achieve hyper-personalisation using AI
  • Unlock personalisation in paid media with your 1st party data to create a significant boost in return on (advertising) investment
  • Free up valuable, scarce resource in your marketing organisation through automated flows that also optimise the timing of your communication
  • Achieve scale
Success with omnichannel marketing is best achieved in a customer-centric organisation.

Take customers by the hand all along the customer journey

There is a multitude of possible customer journeys you can tap into.

Rather than launching generic campaign-based customer journeys that follow the product or the brand cycle, you can create journeys based on the individual customers’ lifecycle. Build the journeys around your customers’ needs and potential wants and enable the journeys when it is relevant for them.

Agillic provides an idea catalogue where you can delve into a series of customer journeys matching your business. Deploy select life cycle and triggered flows, add your content, launch communication across channels, and reap the benefits: increased conversion rates, greater customer value, higher loyalty and more.

AI finds the opportune moments in time

Data can offer powerful signals about your customers’ needs. By deploying AI in Agillic, you can gain insight into your customers on a granular 1:1 level, and let the AI help define timing, channel, as well as content, based on subtle patterns.

We make data actionable

Data is playing a pivotal role in successful omnichannel execution. To understand your customers and be able to move closer to them through communication, you need to explore – and be in control of – your data. For effective execution, a single view of the customer is essential, whatever the data source.

The data model is the backbone for your ability to create high levels of personalisation. Agillic’s flexible and operational data model is directly connected to execution.

About the Agillic Customer Marketing Platform

Customer-centric data structure

Let your business objectives be the deciding factors when designing the data model. Agillic’s flexible data structure enables a 360° view of the customer and is directly connected to execution.

Relevance and reach in paid media

With Agillic’s integration to the Google, Adform and Facebook ecosystems, you can increase the efficiency of your ad spend. Combine relevance and reach by combining both 1st party and 3rd party data.

Omnichannel execution

Designed to facilitate smooth content creation and seamless omnichannel execution, with Agillic, you are all set to provide a holistic customer experience regardless of the touchpoint.

The Agillic user experience

We are continually implementing optimised designs and features that will enable you to work more intuitively and efficiently to accelerate your workflow.

AI for enhanced personalisation

Use AI to drive more value of your data and amplify your communication impact by anticipating your customers’ needs and offer more of what matters to your customers.

Configuration and optimisation support

Tap into Agillic’s comprehensive knowledge base for guidance on how to use the platform, or reach out to our support team, who is always ready to help.

What our clients say

Danish Red Cross
“Agillic supports our strategic objective of creating loyalty – and on an operational level, the platform enables us to be more efficient in our daily work.”
Charlotte A. Christensen Head of Individual Giving, Fundraising and Marketing, Danish Red Cross

“We are happy to be journeying with Agillic – engaging customers with the relevance and the level of personalization which Agillic enables us to do is vital to our business”. 

Helle Schjødt-Bruhn, CMO Aller Leisure A/S


“I haven’t seen any tools that can deliver the quality and user-friendliness which Agillic provides.”

Malthe Cederborg, CMO of Miinto

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1Salesforce, State of the Connected Customer

2Harvard Business Review, A study of 46.000 Shoppers Shows That Omnichannel Retailing Works, January 03, 2017

About Agillic A/S

Agillic is a Nordic software company enabling marketers to maximise the use of data and translate it into relevant and personalised communication; establishing strong relations between people and brands. Our customer marketing platform uses AI to enhance the business value of customer communication. By combining data-driven customer insights with the ability to execute personalised communication, we provide our clients with a head start in the battle of winning markets and customers.