Automation and Orchestration Across Channels

Typically, your customers engage with you through more than one channel – and they expect the communication to be consistent. Therefore content must be coordinated across channels, whether it is email, SMS, app push, paid media or web. With Agillic, you can centrally orchestrate your communication. There’s no disconnect between the channels and your ability to deliver a unified and relevant customer experience across channels.

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You can easily operate with trigger-based communication as well as design your more complex customer journeys throughout the customer lifecycle. With Agillic’s Flow Designer, cross channel orchestration is a matter of drag and drop. 


Match your customer with the right message, channel, and timing based on data. This allows you to harvest the operational advantages of automating as many customer touchpoints as possible.


Extend your automated and personalised reach with Agillic’s integrations to the Google, Facebook and Adform ecosystems. Agillic gives you all the benefits of relevant and personalised marketing.

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