Agillic continues to grow its brand awareness

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Agillic is on a roll: From 2018 to 2019, Agillic’s brand awareness increases with 122% among companies with a DKK 20+ million marketing budget in the Top-of-Mind category, i.e. Agillic is the first name on the respondents’ lips when asked to mention a marketing automation software provider. With the result, Agillic is on par with Salesforce, and they occupy a shared first place.

The 2019 edition of the Trend Report fromRasumus Houlind Copenhagen based MyResearch sends Agillic’s brand awareness yet a notch up for the Danish market. Rasmus Houlind, Chief Experience Officer of Agillic, comments on the results and other findings in the report.
 “We are proud and happy with the result. Salesforce is a huge international player and going head-to-head with them as the top-of-mind among companies with DKK 20+ million marketing budgets is an accomplishment. We are strategically targeting clients with this size of marketing budget, so it is gratifying to see our awareness continues to grow in this segment. An increase of 122% may seem like a lot, but taking statistical insecurity into account we primarily take it as a nice indication of things moving in the right direction,“ says Rasmus Houlind, Chief Client Officer of Agillic. When looking at the unaided awareness, Agillic increases its awareness with 30% compared to 2018. The increase in aided awareness amounts to 15%. “Although I am satisfied with Agillic’s overall result, I would like to draw attention to the fact that 43,2% are unable to mention any marketing automation software at all. That is both surprising and disturbing – on the other hand; it means there are unexploited possibilities and something for us all to work with. But I would strongly suggest some inspirational browsing in the MarTech-catalogue to catch up,” says Rasmus.

Agillic brand awareness 2019​

  • Top-of-mind increases by 122% among companies with marketing budgets of DKK 20+ million

  • Unaided awareness increases by 30%

  • Aided awareness increases by 15%

Findings of the Trend report 2019

The overall perceived marketing challenge is found under the hybrid label of “sales, ROI, brand and satisfaction.” It is tempting to correlate the lack of ability to mention any Mar-Tech software with the perceived challenge:

“It is the need for strong and coherent customer experiences, with all the benefits such as customer loyalty and lifetime value, that drive the investment in MarTech. Of course, MarTech isn’t a silver bullet to business success. But you have to be able to use technology and data strategically and operationally to meet your customers eye-to-eye. To our clients, the goal is the overall brand and customer experience with personalisation and relevance in the seat of honour. Creativity and originality are strong differentiators and are regal also in the digital realm, but you have to work with automation, AI and omnichannel marketing – and then you will be more likely to have sales, ROI, brand and satisfaction under control,” says Rasmus.

Danish MarTech investment lagging behind

With an estimated 8% only, the MarTech share of the marketing budget is moderate, and it hasn’t increased compared to 2018. According to Rasmus Houlind, this is markedly lower than the international level and as such worrying. In 2017 the equivalent number in the US was 22%.


“It surprises me that apparently the Danish CMO would rather spend money on advertising than on technology where they can control the communication more directly and in a more personalised way,” says Rasmus and continues:


“Falling behind in the MarTech investment can be fatal for Danish companies since business is more or less borderless. As the gap expands, you will lose market share, fail to develop competencies and experience, creating a down going spiral.”


“The changes in the digital marketing landscape are massive – and will, most likely, continue to be so. I can understand if marketing departments feel they need to absorb the changes and perhaps organise themselves differently, take in new competencies and calibrate strategies to be able to capitalise fully on MarTech. But our recommendation is as always: get on the tech train, use your data and gradually build your experience as you steadily work your way towards the realisation of your vision.”

Paid media spend increasing

The paid media spend is increasing again in 2019, which is related to a realisation that pull marketing is not enough. To obtain critical mass and drive traffic to your owned media, you need push marketing. However, the optimisation of the digital part of the paid media spend, encompassing a series of channels, has been hindered by technological and organisational silos and as a consequence, the benefits of the convergence of paid and owned media has been somewhat untapped:


“To meet this challenge, Agillic will launch a solution that enables clients to tap into the Google, the Adform and the Facebook ecosystems directly from the Agillic Customer Marketing Platform. They will be able to take the relevance from owned media and scale it into the paid media. By combining 1st party data and 3rd party data, you combine relevance with reach. The key benefit is a better utilisation of marketing budgets by improved targeting and relevance, for example, by removing existing customers from the target group and only focus on acquisition. Tests conducted with pilot clients are showing significant improvement in the effect, and we are looking forward to introducing the solution to all our clients.”

Let’s get in touch

Please reach out to Rasmus Houlind at +45 53 886 555 or send an email, if you would like to hear more about the Agillic Customer Marketing Platform and the results in the Trend report 2019.