Agillic Summit18 – A Bounty of Speakers, Opinions and Energy

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On May 28, Agillic welcomed more than 400 guests who had earmarked the day to deep-dive into the possibilities of AI-powered marketing automation as experienced by customers, partners, and Agillic’s specialists. Keynotes, Customer success stories, Insights, Tech Talks, and Campfires; all-in-all 21 speakers giving 25 supercharged sessions during the day.

Jesper Valentin kicked the day off by talking about how martech both unites and disrupts the digital marketing services disciplines. Unites because the traditional marketing siloes are not sustainable in the digital era if they ever were. Disrupts because with the new technological tools bridging platforms and making customer data of various origin accessible in a more customer-centric and holistic perspective, change is the overall denominator rewriting the usual approaches, leaving some of them obsolete and forging brand new paths.


At the centre of it all is the data-generating customer. The companies that are able to go deeper in data and better at mastering the sublime customer experience, will be the future winners. To support this development and the convergence of technologies Agillic has entered a partnership with Omnicom Media Group.


“This opens up for new opportunities for companies to chart and really understand the customer journeys across platforms and to optimise their media spend and achieve a better synergy between paid and owned media,” says Jesper Valentin.

A world without marketing?

Now more than ever, marketing feeds on data. And with the exponential growth of data, marketers are looking into huge opportunities to create relevant and highly personalised communication. If they can harness the data, that is. Because the real challenge is that consumers leave data at so many touchpoints and they expect businesses to be able to act on the data.


Agillic’s Chief Experience Officer Rasmus Houlind asks ‘would we prefer a world without marketing?’ While the attendees at the Agillic Summit18 are marketers by profession they are also consumers. Therefore, as marketers, we do want to sell products, but we realise we can only sell if the consumers let us in. And, also being consumers, we understand the selectiveness towards communication that is helping us to make qualified choices. The one thing we as consumers and as marketers do not want is wasting time with irrelevance. So maybe that leaves us with a mission and opportunity to transform marketing into a service, where companies leverage the customer data and use it to provide communication as a service.


For marketing to truly become a service, it requires that company and consumer recognise the symbiosis. Consumers must consent to data being used and companies must respond to the data generated across platforms with relevant communication. This can be done only with the aid of martech tools. As Rasmus Houlind puts it ‘We are not going to stop marketing our products and services, but technology will change the perception from customers being sold to into customers buying into the offers.’


That is also the experience in the customer panel on the stage: Margareta Willman from Eidsiva Bredbånd, Zvi Goldstein from Interflora, Thomas Bank Møller from Mediehusene Midtjylland, and Stefan Kirkedal from SPORTMASTER who all very skilfully have pioneered in the martech communication space and have achieved remarkable results. For a closer introduction to how Agillic has supported them feel free to contact us.

AI finds patterns in the randomness of data

In his keynote, Colin Shearer, CBDO of Agillic, spoke about how the use of AI and Machine Learning can dramatically improve your marketing results. 


– Know your customers and give them what they want is one of the fundamental principles of marketing and Agillic’s AI, finding patterns in huge volumes of data too massive and complex for humans to understand, brings this to a level not previously attainable. AI and Machine Learning discover valuable information that can directly drive your communication.  We know it works: the results from e.g. Interflora, and SPORTMASTER speak for themselves.


– To us, the perfect marketing world is one where the effect of marketers’ intelligence and creativity and that of machine intelligence are maximised and each enhances the other, making every communication relevant and every marketing action optimal. That is our ambition on behalf of our customers.

You are never done

At the close of the day keynote speaker, Jeff Gothelf gave an inspirational speech on how to deploy the agile principles of software development to the business development and the customer service: A product is never complete, a service is never perfect, but should continuously be enhanced and improved. According to Jeff Gothelf, you should listen to the market, listen to your customers and respond to them on an ongoing basis – we are never done, there is always yet another iteration, yet a new version and yet an update. This is the way we work at Agillic, with the platform, and with our customers. We listen, and we respond. To us, that is another expression for Act on Insight. 

For further information, please contact:

Feel free to contact Chief Experience Officer Rasmus Houlind, at +45 53 88 65 55 to learn more about how Agillic can support your business in delivering effective and personalised AI-powered marketing communication.