The importance of UX: How design shapes our platform

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The importance of UX design within martech is finally being recognised

In business, design must serve a purpose beyond visual appeal, and having a strategic UX design helps to root a company’s goals and values within its product. However, as stated in the UXPin Enterprise UX Industry Report, “we are undoubtedly in the midst of an enterprise UX renaissance”. UX design within the business software industry is five to ten years behind that in personal tech interfaces such as tablets and smartphones. Now, there is a push within the industry to overhaul this outdated design, so users can enjoy the intuitiveness and aesthetic appeal that they have come to expect from their personal devices. 


According to a Forbes article about the importance of a good UX design, many companies follow their competitors’ examples when implementing UX methods. This puts them at risk of implementing a design which is unsuitable for their user base, or simply upholding the outdated mechanisms that have defined their industry for so long


Agillic’s design team is committed to being at the forefront of UX design among marketing software platforms and recognise that a strong UX design is mutually beneficial. For our clients it provides a positive user experience that builds loyalty, and for the company it is a strong sales argument for business. As outlined in Forbes, an intuitive platform enables end-users to more easily use the product, reducing the time required for onboarding and training for faster time to value and sustained product satisfaction. 

Aiming to lead in good UX, Agillic is overhauling the platform’s design

A good UX design is key to supporting the advantages and offerings of any martech software. A poorly-designed user interface is difficult and inefficient to use, creating a slower time-to-value and forcing marketers to spend their time deciphering the platform rather than building compelling communications. 


Agillic’s UX team is redesigning the Agillic platform piece by piece and channel by channel. Doing so enables us to continuously optimise to meet our clients’ requests and needs, whilst ensuring the platform remains recognisable in the process. The considerable modernisation will make our platform more user-friendly and intuitive, facilitating fast time-to-value for new clients and enabling the daily users – the marketers – to deliver creative work efficiently.


So, what does an ideal UI look like for a marketing software platform? We believe it means building a comprehensible, intuitive product that fosters the creativity of the marketers who use it without requiring them to be software experts. The product should be consistent and predictable so that users feel safe using even the most powerful functionality, with continuous feedback mechanisms and pervasive safety nets. The product should strike a perfect balance of sophistication without being complicated. This makes it easy to get started, and enables users to build upon their knowledge and implement more features as they go. Finally, the product should guide and encourage users to employ marketing best-practices. 


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