Webinar Recap: Tre steg mot engasjerte givere og lojale medlemmer

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On 10 December, Agillic held a webinar with our Norwegian partner Bas Communication. With a focus on the charity and NGO sector, hosts Line Nordby from Bas and Rasmus Houlind from Agillic examined how organisations can build loyal and recurring donors. 

Firstly, Nordby outlined the three pillars that are crucial to creating committed supporters in today’s market: 

  1. Data

  2. Analytical competence 

  3. Communication Plan 

Using both the Danish and Swedish Red Cross as examples, Houlind discussed the way that omnichannel marketing software such as Agillic can be transformative for charities looking to convert more donors and elicit bigger donations. As an example, he pointed to the Danish Red Cross, who transformed their bottom line by joining Agillic. They replaced their manual marketing processes with automated ones, boosting email revenues by 120% and SMS revenues by 60%. They accomplished these significant and measurable improvements by implementing only the low-hanging fruit of omnichannel marketing.


As Houlind illustrated, this type of success can be deepened by implementing customer lifecycle marketing on top of campaign-based communication. When executing this type of omnichannel marketing, the so-called ‘relevance line’ breaks to create two methods of communications: 

  • Campaign-based messaging, which involves:
    • Mass marketing 

    • Localised campaigns

    • Segmented messages

  • Automation-based marketing, which includes:
    • Lifecycle flows

    • Messages triggered by customers’ actions

Houlind then went on to discuss how the Swedish Red Cross successfully managed both campaign-based and automated marketing. They did so by maintaining their existing campaign-based messaging, and simply adding the automated messaging on top of it to create hyper-personalisation. 


By implementing customer lifecycle marketing, the Swedish Red Cross is now able to meet customers where they’re at across channels. To learn how your organisation can do this, obtain more donations and keep your donors loyal, click the button below to watch the webinar. Please note that the webinar is in both Norwegian and English.