Personalisation is based on data. The level of personalisation depends on the data you have available in combination with your ability to act on it. With Agillic, you can utilise all you know about your customers as they move and interact across channels. Personalisation is at the core of the Agillic Customer Marketing Platform.

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Real-time customer profiling enables you to consistently act on updated data. Each customer profile is automatically enriched with data from all your customer touchpoints – your website, the emails you send, and from Google, Facebook, or Adform ecosystems via Agillic’s integrations. Relevance and personalisation are always on point and help you increase conversions and improve retention.


Dynamic and centralised content – You can create, reuse, and update content and segmentation rules in a single interface. This way, you’re empowered to deliver consistent and relevant customer experiences across all channels. 

With integrated AI-personalisation, you can make sense of and act on huge volumes of data down to the level of the individual customer. It’s possible to encompass an audience at scale while maintaining the benefits of personalisation.

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