The Agillic Summit18 in Copenhagen

Talks, Insight Sessions, & More

Talks, insight sessions, and more …


Agillic’s Summit18: discussing the naked truth about marketing automation

The naked truth about marketing automation continues to unfold at the Agillic Summit18. This year we take an even closer look at the possibilities of AI-powered omnichannel marketing automation. In his Summit18 welcome address, Agillic CEO, Jesper Valentin, greets the 400+ attendees and introduces the day’s programme.

The Naked Truth

Why isn’t everybody doing relevant 1:1 omnichannel communication?


What happens when Marketer and Machine Intelligence meet?

Every day we hear scare stories about how AI will take over jobs. But should marketers worry they’re going to be rendered obsolete? Colin Shearer will tell the real story on what the technology means for marketers and how the combination of man and tech is a winning combination that raises marketing effectiveness to previously unobtainable levels.

In an inspirational keynote, Colin will talk about the right – and the wrong – ways for organisations to adopt AI and he will present the principles that drive the design of Agillic’s market-leading AI capabilities.Download the Presentation

Customer Success Story Mediehusene Midtjylland

Personalised News Execution

Mediehusene Midtjylland has applied a bold business strategy inspired by the retail market’s strong focus on user experiences and needs. As a result, Mediehusene Midtjylland is now able to deliver highly personalised news execution.Download the Presentation

Tech Talk

Setting yourself apart from the bulk

Interactivity in emails has been picking up pace for a while and in 2018, it has become a major trend. Being able to perform actions within the email can be both useful and entertaining when it is done right. Consider interactivity as a gift to the recipient, a little something that sets the email – and the sender – apart from the majority of static bulk emails. Join Rasmus for a session where he will go through some of Agillic’s projects with interactive emails. You will be introduced to the development process of the interactive email and the pros and cons of interactive emails.

Insight Session

Marketing, technically speaking…

Connecting brands and consumers is increasingly becoming a technology game, where data is ingested and activated via various platforms and systems. This allows for sophisticated marketing ‘programming’ and automated flows. However, marketing technologies and advertising technologies operate on different data sets and mostly in their own functional and organisational silos. Join Peter for a discussion on the challenges that lie ahead and the possibilities when succeeding in connecting the two worlds.

Please note that we are unable to share a recording of this presentation.Download the PresentationDownload the Presentation

Customer Success Story Interflora

Customer Engagement as a Differentiator – From Blank Canvas to Data-Driven Experiences

Interflora Danmark went from near-monopoly to facing multiple competitors in less than 12 months. This radical change in the market landscape led to refocusing the company strategy in general and the marketing strategy specifically. Interflora identified data-driven customer experiences as a massive opportunity to strengthen the relationships with its customers and grow the market in the process. In this session, Zvi and Peter will talk about the strategic considerations behind the enhanced strategy and the results from the initial 12 months of executing on the strategy.Download the Presentation

Customer Success Story Sportmaster

Leveraging first-party data with paid media

SPORTMASTER is one of the leading Danish retailers using AI. Based on first-party data SPORTMASTER uses the Agillic AI engine to determine which segments are more profitable
in terms of exposure to ads on e.g. Facebook and Google. Join Stefan Kirkedal to learn more about how SPORTMASTER successfully deploys AI to optimise the paid media spend.Download the Presentation

Insight Session

Data-driven and customer-based communication – tips from a 45-year-old digital immigrant

The technological development is progressing extremely fast and it can be challenging to keep up, especially if you are a digital immigrant. Mattias Andersson has created a much-appreciated list with tips on how companies can take advantage of the technological opportunities to work more data-driven and based on more customer insights. However, it is not just about having the best system or loads of data; in order to fully benefit from the technological opportunities, companies may have to work in a different way than they are used to.

Tech Talk

Getting your Agillic solution up to speed with your digital marketing ambitions

Hands-on, ready-to-implement examples of how to use clever solution design, QA best practices, and additional tips & tricks to expand your Agillic solution in a fast and efficient manner without sacrificing flexibility or quality. The talk is based on more than 10 years of experience working with Agillic and participation in approx. 40 implementation projects. Also, get an update on the Agillic User Group where leading Agillic clients share knowledge and experiences.Download the PresentationDownload the presentation

Insight Session

Can machines tell us how you feel? Leveraging AI to make sales emotional

Interflora’s brand promise is to help people express their emotions: “Der er mange måder at sige det på.” Recently, Interflora has applied marketing automation as a strategic lever to drive sales. And with the aid of advanced AI-technologies, Interflora has been able to gain insights into the cultural and emotional significance of the customers’ intentions when sending flowers and other gifts. Knowledge like this is priceless for marketers. This session will share insights about how to unleash the potential in bridging creativity and AI.

Customer Success Story Eidsiva

Customer communication through Agillic as a competitive advantage

In this presentation, Monica Indahl will take you through Eidsiva bredbånd’s Agillic implementation journey and share how they have set up some of their most complex customer dialogues. By automating customer dialogues during the fibre delivery process, they are able to give their customers important information at the right time and make sure the customer is well prepared for the fibre installation. Less time wasted during the project is giving Eidsiva bredbånd a competitive advantage by being able to deliver faster.Download the PresentationDownload the Presentation


Sense & Respond

With accelerating customer expectations and customer service as a crucial differentiator, there are many reasons for the modern business to learn from the agile principles of software development. According to author Jeff Gothelf, it is beneficial for businesses to apply the agile principle of constant listening and adapting to feedback from customers. In this inspirational keynote, Jeff Gothelf will talk more about how to become a sensing and responsive organisation by embracing a continuum of refinement, improvement, and change.

Please note we are unable to share a copy of the presentation slides

Tech Talk

Migration between systems

What are the pains and gains of moving from one system to another? Based on Egmont’s migration you’ll get a better understanding of what to have in mind and how to proceed when consolidating systems and taking the leap to a genuine automation and omnichannel mindset. The presentation will also touch upon the requirements for a future-proof tool stack.


Changes, challenges, and opportunities

Marketers know that changes, challenges, and opportunities go hand in hand. That is the naked truth. Agillic’s Bo Sannung & Colin Shearer will wrap-up the day with a talk about the tech requirements of the future and how the Agillic technology is continually developing to help you stay innovative and able to meet your customers with relevancy in a powerful combination of technology and human creativity.Download the PresentationDownload the PresentationReturn to home



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