Challenge the traditional RFP

June 26, 2020

Does your martech provide sufficient results?If marketing is to achieve its objectives, i.e. build and maintain brands, create top and bottom line growth and document the effect of marketing drives, then qualified martech choices are crucial. And in times (always) when marketing budgets are under pressure, documented ROI of martech is absolutely necessary. However, for…

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Increase engagement with AI-driven customer journeys

October 22, 2018

One of the greatest challenges in marketing is to create personalised communication. Time and time again, it has been shown that relevance drives engagement, which in turn drives an increase in turnover and creates long-term brand value. Of course, the customers know that you have lots of data about them – so this needs to…

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Omnichannel customers drive more value

September 26, 2018

Studies show that the more channels your customers engage with, the more money they are likely to spend on your brand. Naturally, the wise brand strives to meet the customer with a suiting channel mix. However, one of the significant obstacles to become genuinely omnichannel and cash-in on the customer value lies within the organisation –…

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