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At Agillic, we understand the heart of the fitness industry beats through personalised member
experiences and engagement.

That’s why we offer a cutting-edge customer experience technology platform
designed to transform the way fitness brands connect, engage, and retain members.

By combining the power of data-driven personalisation with our scalable, integrated solution,
we help fitness businesses like yours to not only meet but exceed member expectations, fostering loyalty
and driving growth.

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Personalise Like Never Before:

Leveraging behavioural and transactional data, we enable fitness brands to create bespoke member experiences at scale – from targeted welcome flows and motivational messaging to personalised workout and nutrition suggestions.
Elevate the member journey beyond the generic, making every touchpoint an opportunity to inspire and engage.

Personalise Like Never Before
Scale With Confidence

Scale With Confidence

With Agillic and our fitness-specific strategic partnership with Exerp, scaling your operations has never been smoother.

Our platform’s flexibility accommodates fitness brands of all sizes and creates fast time to value with advanced and rapid scaling for global franchises.

Proven Success in the
Fitness Industry

Through our collaboration with industry leaders such as PureGym, we’ve demonstrated the tangible benefits of our platform – significantly improving retention rates and enhancing member satisfaction

Proven Success in the Fitness Industry

Partnership revolutionising fitness management:

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Seamless Integration,
Powerful Execution

Imagine a world where your management console becomes the central nervous system of your gym’s operations, intuitive and insightful. That’s the power of Agillic and Exerp coming together. With Agillic’s dynamic communication tools seamlessly embedded within Exerp’s management console, we offer a smooth, unified interface experience. This integration empowers your gyms with sophisticated, yet easy-to-navigate tools, designed specifically for the fitness industry’s pulse.

Hyperlooping Your Success to Every Corner

At the core of our integration lies the ‘Hyperloop’ of membership journey creation—a centralised, strategic command centre ocated at your HQ but impacting every local gym. This innovation ensures that best practices and brand consistency are not just ideals but realities. Each membership Journey, meticulously crafted and applied across locations, brings the benefit of personalization and efficiency to every gym, enhancing member experiences while maintaining control and minimising operational risks

Hyperlooping Your Success to Every Corner

Local Flexibility with Global Strength

Your local gyms aren’t left behind in this technological marvel—they’re empowered to tailor the communication flow. Imagine being able to pause central communications for special local events or personalise templates for local needs, all while having a bird’s-eye view of all communications dispatched at the central level. Reach out to members through their preferred channels, be it email, WhatsApp, text messaging, or app push notifications. Whether it’s a personalised message to a single member or a broadcast to a select group, your local gym has the power right at its fingertips.

Empowering Gyms with Precision and Control

Dive into the future of gym management with Agillic and Exerp—where local empowerment meets global innovation. Our partnership doesn’t just promise a better management console; it delivers a revolutionised way of engaging with members, ensuring your brand stands out in the crowded fitness landscape. Ready to elevate your fitness brand with precision, control, and a touch of innovation? Welcome to the future, where every communication is an opportunity, and every gym experience is transformed.

Empowering Gyms with Precision and Control

Innovating Together,
Just Miles Apart

In the heart of innovation, where ideas thrive and technology meets fitness, the Agillic and Exerp partnership is redefining what’s possible for gym management and member engagement. Nestled within a 5-mile radius, our R&D teams collaborate closely, blending cutting-edge data management with unparalleled communication capabilities. This synergy isn’t just geographical; it’s the cornerstone of our mission to transform your fitness brand.

PureGym helps build muscle and healthy habits with personalised,
automated communication flows

“The business case is clear:
with a solid data model supporting
the right business drivers, the pay-off is immediate.”
Kirsten Lund Petersen
Head of Member Engagement
& Retention (CRM), PureGym

Pure Gym additional annual revenue*



Agillic is a good partner to take our communications with the members to the next level thanks to ease of customization, segmentation and personalisation being able to give you information tailored to your profile and needs.
Isabel Rivillas Morales
Chief Marketing Officer
Viva Gym Group

The future of fitness is personalised: EuropeActive and Deloitte report unveils opportunities for Agillic as a trusted partner in the health and fitness industry.

“The fitness industry facing the challenge of optimising members’ time and maximising their fitness journeys. Agillic’s Platform is designed to tackle these challenges head-on by harnessing the power of data and personalisation. By deeply understanding member behaviour and preferences, we enable fitness centres to deliver automated and personalised communications that truly resonate. We empower fitness centres to enhance member engagement, boost customer satisfaction, and achieve their business goals more effectively.”
Luis González
VP of Customer Success & Support, Agillic

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