Put the individual donor at the centre

Build lasting relationships across channels and move donors from one-off to subscription-based donations.

Personalised Communication to Millions
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Move to digital channels

Print adverts, door-to-door collections, phone calls and direct mailings may have worked in the past. But with new generations of digital natives entering the scene, it’s time to move into the digital world. 

With Agillic, you can maintain connections across channels, such as email, SMS, personalised landing pages, app push notifications and more. Meaning you’ll build ongoing relationships to gain deep insights into your contributors’ behaviour and preferences and turn one-time donors into lifelong supporters. 

Reduce churn
Boost conversions

Increase donation size

Getting your loyal contributors to give more is the most cost-efficient way to raise money. But your donors need to be approached respectfully and made to feel the importance of their contribution.

We make it manageable to create personalised and relevant communication, with inspiring and moving content. With Agillic, you’ll have the platform needed to move donors from one-off donations to subscription-based donations.

Save money for your cause

Being cost-effective in marketing is important for all businesses, but especially when every cost saved can make a difference for people in need. 

In addition to using owned channels better, Agillic helps you be more effective in paid media, getting more donations out of your marketing investments. And you can take advantage of easy onboarding, ease of use, fast time to value, and low running costs that let you pass as much as possible of the raised funds to your cause.

Be more effective

Empowering trusted NGOs and charity organisations


A unified message across all channels

With Agillic, you can attract donors and keep them loyal to your cause with consistent data-driven communication. Maintain connections across channels, such as email, SMS, personalised landing pages, app push and more. Move donors from one-off donations to subscription-based donations and build ongoing relationships to gain deep insights into their behaviour and preferences.

We understand that charities are businesses with financial objectives while also being driven by idealistic motives. We help you balance your humanitarian foundation with the necessary commercial sustainability when creating giving relationships.

See how leading brands use Agillic

Kvik & Agillic
Jesper Lanther
Head of Digital – Kvik

“Agillic is at the core of our future ambitions. It creates a good foundation, but also takes us to the next level of our digital communication and marketing.“

Mads Jefsen
Marketing Director

“FCK wants to connect and become a greater part of Copenhagen. Agillic is important in that equation, to utilise the data we have – our channels and connections, so that your relationship with F.C. Kobenhavn is reflected in the way we interact with you.”

Global blue
Viktor Kletzer
VP, Product Management – Global Blue

“At Global Blue, we want to offer international shoppers a more personalised experience while growing as a business. Here, we see Agillic as an important partner for the future.”

Telge Energi & Agillic
Niklas Holberg
Acting CEO – Telge Energi

“I think we can devote ourselves more to customer loyalty through multiple products and multiple touchpoints instead of chasing new customers.”

Io interactive
Matas logo slider
Marc Skouborg
CMO – IO Interactive

“Agillic allows us to have a personalised – almost 1:1 – communication with our players.”

Malthe Cederborg

“The learnings are something we bring to new big markets, and we achieved the same numbers we did over 11 years within 11 months in Germany.”

Matas logo slider
Thomas Grane

“Agillic is a close partner who helps ensure the foundation for Club Matas. We corporate to reach new, unprecedented heights in the market.”

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