Spark engagement to retain members and subscribers

Grow your customer database and keep subscribers and members engaged with relevant, personalised content.

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Reduce churn and increase retention

Keeping subscribers and members engaged past free trials and Black Friday sales is a challenge.

To create loyalty, you need to show the true value of your product or offer, tailored to each customer’s needs. Through all moments of truth, from the welcome flow and presenting new features to SMS and app push notifications, Agillic helps you create data-driven personalised communication across channels.

Reduce churn
Boost conversions

Boost conversions with dynamic content

You know your product or offer is worth paying for, but how do you attract and retain new customers?

With a super-flexible data model and a system for reusable content, it’s easy to target the right prospects with the right message in the right channel at the right time. And make sure every journey starts on the right foot.

Be more effective in paid media

Access to digital paid media has opened up endless possibilities for marketing campaigns to attract new subscribers or members. How do you make sure your ads reach the right audience?

Agillic’s native integrations to paid media in the Google, Facebook and Adform ecosystems enable you to optimise your marketing spend and increase ROAS by mixing first-party data with third-party data and, for example, filter out existing subscribers from your acquisition campaigns.

Be more effective

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businesses and fitness brands


A unified message across all channels

The key to retention is ongoing engagement, and the way to spark engagement is to leverage data to create relevant, personalised communication.

At Agillic, we offer customer journey and omnichannel execution based on transactional and behavioural data as well as paid media integration to optimise media spend and automated, personalised communication across the entire member lifecycle.

It’s all about providing value and creating experiences that keep people coming back.


6% increase in member retention

When Fitness World started with Agillic, they prioritised the retention flow. The new communication flow immediately gave weighty results.

With a solid data model supporting the right business drivers, the pay-off is immediate.” — Kirsten Lund Petersen, Head of Member Experience, Fitness World


52% decrease in churn

To make subscribers stay, TV 2 created personalised communication that spurs interest and engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

“Moving from ‘everything to everybody’ to ‘this is for you’ clearly drives results.” — Hilde Thorjussen, CRM manager, TV 2 Norway


22% drop in subscriber churn

Creating and executing data-driven, personalised welcome flows is crucial to Egmont Publishing with magazines and weeklies at the core of their subscription business.

“Understanding and acting on customer data is a vital part of our strategy and daily tactics.” — Dorte Karlsson, Former Head of Data & Insight, Egmont

See how leading brands use Agillic

Kvik & Agillic
Jesper Lanther
Head of Digital – Kvik

“Agillic is at the core of our future ambitions. It creates a good foundation, but also takes us to the next level of our digital communication and marketing.“

Mads Jefsen
Marketing Director

“FCK wants to connect and become a greater part of Copenhagen. Agillic is important in that equation, to utilise the data we have – our channels and connections, so that your relationship with F.C. Kobenhavn is reflected in the way we interact with you.”

Global blue
Viktor Kletzer
VP, Product Management – Global Blue

“At Global Blue, we want to offer international shoppers a more personalised experience while growing as a business. Here, we see Agillic as an important partner for the future.”

Telge Energi & Agillic
Niklas Holberg
Acting CEO – Telge Energi

“I think we can devote ourselves more to customer loyalty through multiple products and multiple touchpoints instead of chasing new customers.”

Io interactive
Matas logo slider
Marc Skouborg
CMO – IO Interactive

“Agillic allows us to have a personalised – almost 1:1 – communication with our players.”

Malthe Cederborg

“The learnings are something we bring to new big markets, and we achieved the same numbers we did over 11 years within 11 months in Germany.”

Matas logo slider
Thomas Grane

“Agillic is a close partner who helps ensure the foundation for Club Matas. We corporate to reach new, unprecedented heights in the market.”

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