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Invest in personalised customer experiences

The financial services landscape has transformed in recent years from being conservative to a sector characterised by change. Tech and shifting consumer behaviour are driving the change, forcing institutions to take on new marketing strategies and tactics to differentiate their brand. In a time where financial products and terms are easily copied, communication is key to create brand loyalty and love.

Go beyond transactions

Finances affect people’s lives deeply. Therefore, to stay trustworthy and relevant for the consumers, financial services must go beyond mere transactions. By addressing the individual customer’s concerns, hopes, and dreams with relevant and personalised communication throughout the customer lifetime, loyal and valuable relationships are built.

Business benefits

  • Reach and win the right prospects
    Increase the conversion rate of profitable prospects becoming customers by launching personalised communication based on their interests and behaviour as reflected in search.
  • Increase customer lifetime value
    Nurture and grow existing customers by offering relevant advice and personalised content based on their life phase, individual needs, and preferences.
  • Compliance and security
    Agillic supports our clients in being GDPR compliant and we’ve taken all the required measures to keep data safe. Our specialists are continually monitoring trends and developing the platform to make sure it is flexible for adapting to changing regulations.

Optimise your paid media spending

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