GDPR and the Agillic platform

At Agillic, we see GDPR as a natural and necessary step in our understanding of data and of the protection of the individual in our digital evolution.

Agillic’s Customer Marketing Platform enables you to be GDPR compliant. We are working according to the ISO 27001 standard and comply with the EU GDPR. We meet all the data processor requirements and have adequate processes in check to keep your data safe with us. To us, protecting your data and collaborating with you to ensure GDPR compliance is a license to operate.

Our specialists are continually monitoring trends and developing the platform to make sure it is flexible for adapting to changing regulations.

Data is – still – your best asset

The question that GDPR raises is ‘how to handle data from the moment it is created until deleted properly.’ This can be quite a complex task to uncover and describe and involves both technical and organisational measurements. But, once it is in place, once data is traceable, once the data sources and the data streams are documented, and once the processes are established, GDPR can actually turn out to be a lever for developing your business as it has the potential to enhance both your understanding of data and your capability to work with data. After the hard work is done, there is potentially more to GDPR than compliance.

Agillic is a data processor. As a 3rd party, we are subject to ‘The General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR) and have taken the required action to comply. We have a deep understanding of GDPR, but for legal guidance regarding your company’s GDPR compliance, you must contact the legal adviser of your company.