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Improving retailers’ bottom line

Retail marketers are dealing with a gigantic shopping list of pressing to-dos: increasing the customer lifetime value (CLV), growing the repeat purchase rates, driving more website as well as foot traffic, increasing website conversions, not to mention implementing personalisation at scale and tapping intelligently into the massive amounts of consumer data. Quite a list.

To accomplish all this, you need well-wrought strategies and agile tools – naturally, it can be done. We’re here to help you tick off the list. At the bottom line, it’s all about providing value to your customers and creating great customer experiences so they keep coming back.

Business benefits

  • Omnichannel for customer-centric engagement

    Engage seamlessly with your customers across channels and increase loyalty and CLV. Agillic was born omnichannel and offers you a wide range of channels from email, SMS, website, app push, print and integration, to paid media – all from a single interface.

  • Execute campaign and data-driven communication

    In Agillic, it’s easy to balance campaign and customer lifecycle communication to achieve both reach and relevance.

  • Balance CAC with CLV
    Grow your customer base and drive profitability from your loyal customers by continually being relevant to them.
  • AI for enhanced personalisation

    Use AI to boost the value of your data and amplify your communication impact by anticipating your customers’ needs and offering more of what matters to them.

Optimise your paid media spending

The Value of the Omnichannel Customer

Explore omnichannel tactics in this webinar. Learn how Danish retailer SPORTMASTER has successfully bridged the gap between online and physical shops. As a result, they provide a more holistic and customer-centric shopping experience leading to a significant increase in customer value.


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