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Facilitate great experiences

Travelling and leisure activities are the highlights of the year for many consumers. A lot of time and energy is spent on the internet, dreaming, researching, and eventually purchasing. The task at hand for marketers is to tap into all of that dreaming and researching and nudge it into conversion, upselling and re-purchasing. They also need to be sure to cater to the need for unique and personalised experiences before, during and after. To do so, martech is the necessary companion to help marketers create personalised journeys and extraordinary customer experiences encompassing the entire customer lifecycle.

Business benefits

  • Reach the right prospects

    Increase the conversion rate of profitable prospects becoming customers by launching personalised and automated communication based on interests and behaviour.

  • Nurture existing clients

    Obtain more loyal customers with relevant and personalised communication. Provide a holistic experience before, during, and after a travel experience to drive increased profitability and enhanced customer lifetime value (CLV).

  • A solid business case

    Take advantage of easy on-boarding, ease of use, fast time to value, and low running costs.

Achieve higher ROI from your paid media ads

“We are happy to be journeying with Agillic – engaging customers with the relevance and the level of personalization which Agillic enables us to do is vital to our business”

Helle Schjødt-Bruhn,
CMO Aller Leisure A/S

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