Key Capabilities

Create and retain valuable relationships throughout the customer lifetime cycle

Omnichannel for customer-centric engagement

Engage seamlessly with your customers across channels and devices to increase loyalty and CLV. Agillic was born omnichannel and offers you a wide range of channels from email, SMS, website, app push, print, and integration to paid media – all from a single interface.

Paid media integration for ad-spend efficiency

Mix 1st and 3rd party data to create campaigns with unprecedented relevance and efficiency, as well as increasing ROAS. No need to upload lists, as everything is executed from the Agillic interface.

High levels of personalisation

Activate your data through a flexible data model that is directly connected to execution. Agillic’s data structure is essential to creating high levels of 1:1 personalisation.

Interested in a demo?

If you would like to focus on efficient martech value creation and get business results fast, we offer a demo of the Agillic Customer Marketing Platform.