Omnichannel marketing

We live in an omnichannel world. As consumers, we don’t limit ourselves to, for example, email but engage with brands throughout the customer journey via physical shops, websites, apps, Facebook and more. Brands providing a unified experience throughout the customer journey are rewarded with loyal customers who buy more. Well, are you?

What is omnichannel marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is a customer-centric conversation across channels, such as email, SMS, Facebook, and brick-and-mortar shops. However, it is more than just the ability to converse across channels, but the ability to do so seamlessly, where the communication is centered around the customer, her preferences and actions, regardless of channel and touchpoint. 

See how beauty retailer Matas is driving its business forward with omnichannel marketing strategies

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Omnichannel marketing with Agillic

With Agillic, you can execute personalised communication across channels from a single interface. Unique to Agillic is the flexible customer-centric data structure and the functionality to reuse content and messages across channels and personalise it to fit each individual customer regardless of individual preferences and even languages. This enables you to automate and execute communication across inbound and outbound channels while maintaining message consistency. With a user-friendly and intuitive user-interface, marketers are empowered to deliver creative, compelling and value-generating communication in a cost-effective way. Sounds too good to be true? Let us show you.

What is the difference between multichannel and omnichannel marketing?

When a brand interacts with customers in a series of channels, for example, email, SMS, and Facebook ads, it is multichannel marketing. The communication isn’t necessarily coordinated across channels but often follows the organisational structure. One department takes care of paid media marketing, another team takes care of SMS marketing and so forth. Companies may also have separate on-point software tools for handling communication in the various channels. From a customer perspective this can become a rather fragmented customer experience.

Omnichannel marketing flips the coin in the sense that this is a customer-centric approach. To provide a seamless and integrated customer experience across channels, data from all channels is related to the individual customer profile and communication takes its starting point in the customer and her preferences and actions. This way, a customer will experience communication that is up to date and relevant, regardless of the channel.


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Evolving towards
omnichannel marketing

The marketing discipline has undergone an evolution from simply digitalising traditional marketing techniques towards an increased digital maturity where tools and channels enable new ways of working and interacting. It is an evolution towards the customer-centric organisation and omnichannel marketing. 

Marketing automation​

Agillic empowers brands to spur loyalty and create business value from every communication with the help from marketing automation – and when you personalise it, you can automate with love 


A Customer Data Platform allows a company to create a single view of their customer, by bringing data together from many different sources, from which it can be used to optimise the customer experience.

Moving from newsletters to omnichannel marketing

Miinto has successfully expanded its communications to channels beyond email, such as Facebook, Google Ads and SMS. When using SMS, for example, Miinto’s open rate rises to 96-97%. Take a peek in this webinar where Miinto generously shares tactics and learnings:

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How to choose the right
marketing software?

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Book: Make it all about me

If you are ready for a new chapter in your marketing strategy, start with “Make it all about me – Leveraging Omnichannel and AI for Marketing Success.” Discover the concepts of personalisation in a thorough presentation of customer-centric and omnichannel marketing principles.

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Tap into personalisation as a differentiator and growth driver

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