Turn your web traffic into leads, and then put them in the fast lane to conversion with the Agillic-Sleeknote integration! 

Sleeknote takes the average pop-up and makes it fun and sexy, with animations, gamification, personalisable features and more. Sleeknote helps you build and grow a segmented leads list, boost your sales and guide and connect with your visitors – all on your own terms. When leveraging Sleeknote’s lead-generating tools and sending their data straight into Agillic, you can maximise customer lifetime value from the very start of the customer’s journey. 

To use the integration, all you have to do is select the relevant data fields to gather from your leads and map them to your Agillic data model in an easy-to-use Sleeknote interface. Then, publish your campaign and sit back as the leads are delivered.


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