CDP meets omnichannel execution, and personalised customer experiences take off

What is a Customer Data Platform?

A CDP is a vital component in the marketing technology (MarTech) stack. It allows a company to create a single view of their customer, by bringing data together from many different sources. This data can include demographic data, transactional data, and device data as well as many other types. Once data has been collected in a CDP, it can be used to optimise the customer experience. For example, a company might choose to only show their most price-sensitive customer their latest offer. 

A CDP can also be used to drive marketing campaigns and other activations and can send data to, for example, the Agillic platform. Based on the data, Agillic then executes personalised content across channels. With the many technological and regulatory changes to the cookie ecosystem, a CDP is more important than ever to ensure companies are able to engage their customers.

What a CDP is not

It is not a CRM system (customer relationship management)

The CRM is typically focused on sales data, and linking those sales to customer records. Integration to other systems is often limited. 

It is not a DMP (data management platform)

DMPs focus on third-party data and are cookie-based with limited ability to integrate first-party data.  They do not create a holistic customer profile.

It is not a personalisation tool

Some CDPs have built native execution tools such as website personalisation, but it  is not a core functionality for the category. It is when CDPs integrate to personalisation software that the business value of customer data truly can be releases.

Software integration

Tealium and Agillic integrate

No software solution is an island, and CDPs and best-of-breed omnichannel marketing platforms such as Agillic are systems that provide more value when connected. That’s why we created a point-and-click connector between Tealium and Agillic. With the connector, the two systems integrate extremely fast and effectively.

The CDP and Agillic:
From data collection to personalised content execution


Key benefits of the integration of CDPs and Agillic

A powerful interplay of insights and execution

Want to know more?

If you are interested in learning more about activating first-party data and creating personalised customer experiences, reach out to us now. We are happy to present use cases relevant to your business.