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Drive business results with personalised customer experiences as you engage with prospects and customers across channels from a single interface. We empower you to deliver creative, compelling and value-generating communication in a cost-effective way. Explore the stories behind our clients’ growth curves, successful retention, increased loyalty and customer lifetime value.

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With Agillic, you can execute personalised communication across channels from a single interface. Agillic’s flexible customer-centric data structure is unique – as is the functionality to reuse content across channels and personalise it to fit each individual customer regardless of individual preferences and even languages. 

Are you ready to automate and execute communication across channels while maintaining message consistency?

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Omnichannel marketing
automation by Agillic

From campaigns to customer lifecycle communication, from email to full-fledged omnichannel marketing. We got you. Agillic empowers you to engage with prospects and customers in the most opportune channels with personalised marketing messages that drive value. All from a single interface. As we say, “data is the fuel, tech is the tool” – and you bring the great content.

Plans and Support

Marketing automation for efficiency and scale ​

Boost your speed, get rid of tedious manual routines, and automate your communication. Simply define the relevant triggers, create compelling content, and let the system work for you. 


This is for you - TV2 Sumo is winning eyeballs with personalised content

“Moving from a communication characterised by ‘everything to everybody’ to ‘this is for you’ clearly drives results.”

Hilde Thorjussen, CRM manager, TV2 Norway
Save time (and money)

Paid media integration for ad-spend efficiency

Mix 1st and 3rd party data to create campaigns with unprecedented relevance and efficiency, as well as increasing ROAS. No need to upload lists, as everything is executed from the Agillic interface.

High levels of personalisation

Activate your data through a flexible data model that’s directly connected to execution. Agillic’s data structure is essential to creating high levels of 1:1 personalisation.

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