What we do

The Agillic omnichannel marketing automation platform empowers brands to work with data-driven insights to create, automate and send personalised communication to millions.

Designed for an ecosystem of strategic partnerships across CDP, CMS, CRM, Customer Service, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, etc., the platform continuously integrates best-of-breed technologies to accelerate the implementation process and deliver fast time to value.

Key benefits

Key Capabilities

Create and retain relationships throughout the customer lifecycle

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Omnichannel for customer-centric engagement

Engage seamlessly with your customers across channels and devices to increase CLV. Agillic offers you a range of channels – from email, SMS, app push, print and more – all from a single interface.

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Paid media integration for
ad-spend efficiency

Mix 1st and 3rd party data to create campaigns with unprecedented relevance, and increase ROAS. No need to upload lists, as everything is executed from the Agillic interface.


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Highly personalised communication

Activate your data through a flexible data model that is directly connected to execution. Agillic’s data structure is essential to creating high levels of 1:1 personalisation.

Personalised omnichannel communication

Execute personalised communication across channels from a single interface with Agillic and achieve truly omnichannel marketing.

Key industries

Agillic has deep domain knowledge across all our key industries and understands individual business objectives for different sectors.