Leaders in omnichannel marketing automation are twice as likely to grow revenue by 10% or more!

But what makes a leader?

To get an unbiassed view on the state of European omnichannel marketing automation and understand the market maturity, Agillic commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study on the topic.

The state of European omnichannel marketing automation 2022

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Drive customer-centric business growth with omnichannel marketing automation maturity

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The study helps you understand what good looks like and what the leaders do to get there. Which technology and people challenges do beginners typically face? What can you learn from how the leaders tackle these challenges? How do people and technology challenges compare? Which people challenges are the biggest? Which communication channels do leaders integrate in which order? What are beginners vs. leaders looking for from their martech vendors? Get all the answers and more!

Sneak peek of a few facts:


of all respondents expect a significant or market-leading competitive advantage from omnichannel marketing automation.


of beginners and intermediates focus on individual customer needs and preferences to ensure consistent engagement for all touchpoints.


growth twice as likely for
leaders in omnichannel marketing automation


Forrester conducted an online survey in January and February 2022 with 306 commercial leaders and senior martech decision-makers at European companies.

United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland.

Company size
$50 million to $1 billion USD in annual revenue and at least 50,000 individual contacts stored in a customer database (45% with 1 million or more contacts).

Retail, financial services, technology, subscription services, media, energy and utility, travel and hospitality, entertainment and gaming, consumer electronics, direct-to-consumer goods, charity and NGO.

Respondent job role
C-level, VP, Director, or Manager.

Marketing technology, customer experience strategy, marketing strategy, commercial leadership

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