Paid media

Automate and activate first-party data in paid media

Seamlessly integrate your customer data with paid media channels: Facebook Custom Audience, Google Ads Customer Match, and Adform Audience. Create audiences, synchronise customer lists, and strategically target communications.

Consumers expect relevance and personalisation at all touchpoints, including digital ads. The ability to personalise content, not just the ad itself, is crucial to capturing their attention and increasing click-through rates.

Imagine combining your Agillic first-party data with the behavioural insights social media platforms provide, enriching your audiences for higher precision and more efficient ad spend.

Target new audiences strategically


Re-engage with consumers 


Channel synergy:
Achieve synergy across channels


Look-alike and twins:
Leverage twins of your customer base for targeted campaigns


Seamlessly integrate paid media with your omnichannel customer experience. 


Increase return on advertising spend with personalisation 

With Agillic’s native integrations to Google, Facebook, and Adform ecosystems, you can harness the benefits of relevant and personalised marketing, significantly enhancing and optimising ROAS.

Make paid media more than just a component. Turn yours into an essential driver of revenue growth and brand awareness.

Increase return
Revitalise engagement

Revitalise engagement with reactivation tactics

Revive engagement by strategically promoting offers to inactive subscribers. Targeting this segment on paid media channels reignites their interest and encourages them to re-engage with your brand. Focus on high-value customers in your reactivation campaigns, ensuring that your efforts are concentrated on those who can contribute to your business growth.

Synergise channels for conversion success

Warm up your audience with ads on paid media channels and then follow up with email or other channels to capitalise on their initial interest. Target customers who haven’t engaged with email or text messages, ensuring a comprehensive strategy that addresses your audience through multiple touchpoints.

Synergise channels
Elevate campaign

Elevate campaign effectiveness with look-alike strategies

Upload first-party data to platforms like Adform or Google for twinning, refining your targeting for optimal results. By identifying internet users with browsing patterns similar to your existing customers, you can strategically target them with acquisition ads. Invest in ads targeting look-alikes of your most valuable customers, maximising the impact of your marketing efforts.

A unified message across all channels

Being customer-centric with your communication requires an all-in-one omnichannel approach. At Agillic, you can deliver personalised content across all channels based on where your customers are in their journey.

Add triggers, segments, conditions and integrated channels like push notifications, SMS, email, paid media and more. Everything you need to communicate, create value and get results. All in one platform.


Paid media channel key features

Synchronise first-party data with third-party data
Boost ROAS with strategic targeting
See the impact with measurable outcomes
Centralised data for comprehensive insights
Generate leads with targeted campaigns
Align marketing automation and social media efforts 
Leverage first-party data for higher conversion 
Optimise ad spend strategically
Automate and eliminate manual tasks 

Facebook Custom Audience

Customise your reach with Facebook integration 

With the Facebook Custom Audience integration, you can create target groups in Agillic, adding or removing recipients from your Facebook campaign audiences. This ensures your ads are not just seen but resonate with your audience.

It is not only on Facebook where these Custom Audiences can be used to target ads; they can be used on Instagram and Audience Network as well. Further, mirror your audiences so Facebook can find and target twins of your customer base.

By combining and synchronising Agillic data with your Facebook Custom Audiences, you can reduce the manual work and ensure data quality. 

  • Automated data synchronisation: Reduce manual work and ensure data quality
  • Strategic targeting: Target contacts based on their position in the customer journey
  • Relevance control: Add or remove contacts to ensure relevance
  • Mirror audiences: Find twins of your customer base for expanded reach

Google Ads Customer Match

Enhance your Google Ads strategy with customer match

Google Ads Customer Match is your ticket to leveraging first-party data for optimal performance across various Google platforms. You can set up the Google Ads Customer Match Integration with your Google Ads account. 

The integration allows you to add or remove Agillic users from specific Google Customer Match lists. This lets you control which recipients are exposed to which ads campaign from your Google Ads account, using Agillic data.

Reach your customers across Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, and Display. 

  • Deeper customer relationships: Build stronger connections with existing and new customers.
  • Flexible audience targeting: Target audiences based on any behaviour through Agillic’s automation.
  • Efficient spend: Optimise ad spend efficiently for a higher return.

Adform Audience

Leverage Agillic data with Adform’s advanced analytics

The Adform Audience integration facilitates the matching of Agillic recipients with cohesive advertising IDs (cookie IDs), allowing for targeted and personalised digital advertising across various use cases within both owned and paid media channels. This data connector empowers the addition and removal of matched recipients between Adform and Agillic in audiences within your Adform Data Management Platform and Digital Signal Processing, whether it be your own or your partner agency’s. 

Adform operates globally, providing services for the purchase, management, and servicing of digital advertising. The platform encompasses a Data Management Platform, a Demand Side Platform, and an Ad Serving Platform equipped with advanced analytics, reporting, and creative tools.

Utilising Adform Audiences Taxonomies simplifies the discovery of new audiences by leveraging lookalikes and overlapping audiences, extending reach and optimising ad inventory acquisition. Envision the possibilities of enhancing first-party data with numerous external sources and delivering the message seamlessly across devices and media platforms.

Benefits of integrating with Adform Audience

Experience numerous benefits with the Adform Audience integration. For example, you gain access to a unique, automated matching table that merges first-party data with Adform’s extensive pool of profile IDs. This fusion allows for the creation of exceptionally detailed customer audiences, enabling precise targeting with highly personalised ads and ultimately resulting in a high return on advertising spend (ROAS). 

  • Automated matching: Combine first-party data with Adform’s vast pool effortlessly
  • Cost-effective ad spend: Add or remove matched recipients for efficient ad spending
  • GDPR compliance: Anonymised customer IDs for GDPR adherence

See how leading brands use Agillic

Kvik & Agillic
Jesper Lanther
Head of Digital – Kvik

“Agillic is at the core of our future ambitions. It creates a good foundation, but also takes us to the next level of our digital communication and marketing.“

Mads Jefsen
Marketing Director

“FCK wants to connect and become a greater part of Copenhagen. Agillic is important in that equation, to utilise the data we have – our channels and connections, so that your relationship with F.C. Kobenhavn is reflected in the way we interact with you.”

Global blue
Viktor Kletzer
VP, Product Management – Global Blue

“At Global Blue, we want to offer international shoppers a more personalised experience while growing as a business. Here, we see Agillic as an important partner for the future.”

Telge Energi & Agillic
Niklas Holberg
Acting CEO – Telge Energi

“I think we can devote ourselves more to customer loyalty through multiple products and multiple touchpoints instead of chasing new customers.”

Io interactive
Matas logo slider
Marc Skouborg
CMO – IO Interactive

“Agillic allows us to have a personalised – almost 1:1 – communication with our players.”

Malthe Cederborg

“The learnings are something we bring to new big markets, and we achieved the same numbers we did over 11 years within 11 months in Germany.”

Matas logo slider
Thomas Grane

“Agillic is a close partner who helps ensure the foundation for Club Matas. We corporate to reach new, unprecedented heights in the market.”

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Consumers expect relevance and personalisation across all touchpoints, including digital ads. Personalising digital ads, not just the content, is vital for capturing attention and increasing click-through rates. Have you leveraged this power in your marketing on paid media channels?

Agillic integrates seamlessly with three paid media channels: Facebook Custom Audience, Google Ads Customer Match, and Adform Audience. This integration enables you to create audiences and synchronise customer lists, allowing targeted communications on these platforms.

Enjoy a range of benefits, including automated data synchronisation, increased return on advertising spend (ROAS), fast and measurable results, centralised data management, cost reduction, lead generation, and alignment of marketing automation with social media activities. How can these benefits enhance your advertising strategy?

Agillic’s paid media integration not only increases ROAS but also optimises ad spend by reducing manual work and ensuring data quality with each synchronisation. How can this automation enhance the efficiency of your advertising campaigns?