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How to automate and activate first-party data in paid media?

Consumers expect relevance and personalisation at all touchpoints, including digital ads. With Agillic, you can automate the synchronisation of first-party data with third-party data and activate it within paid media channels – this way you can optimise your ad spend as you identify the audience that is most susceptible to your message and leave out those that aren’t.

Personalisation in paid media advertising

With Agillic’s native integrations to the Google, Facebook and Adform ecosystems, you can take all the benefits of relevant and personalised marketing into paid media and significantly enhance and optimise the effect and your ROAS.


Combine Agillic data with your Facebook audiences and synchronise the data, reducing manual work and ensure data quality. Target each contact based on where they are in the customer journey and maximise the impact and ROAS.


Google Ads

Reach customers across Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, and Display. Audiences, based on Agillic data, can be included, bid adjusted, or excluded for a more efficient ad spend.




A unique, automated matching table combines first-party data with Adform’s vast pool of profile IDs. This combination enables you to build exceptionally granular customer audiences that can be targeted with highly personalised ads yielding high ROAS

Story House Egmont reduces the cost of winning subscribers back by 73%

In a win-back activity on Facebook which targeted customers who had discontinued their magazine subscription, Story House Egmont was able to improve the match rate, i.e. find the former subscribers, by up to 20%. They synchronised their first-party data, such as email address, phone number, birthday, with Facebook data. This way, Story House Egmont obtained an optimised target group and could publish more relevant ads, which increased the conversion rate. As a result, Story House Egmont reduced the cost per order (CPO) on select titles by 73% in their win-back activity. 

Paid Media

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Activate data from owned media in paid media channels

Consumers expect relevance and personalisation at all touchpoints, whether in emails, apps, websites or digital ads. Brands understand this and the potential competitive differentiator it holds. But due to organisational structures as well as technological siloes hindering benefits of data synergies, brands are genuinely challenged when it comes to relevance and personalisation when advertising in paid media.

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If you are interested to learn more about the benefits of automated synchronisation of your first-party and third-party data and activation through the Agillic Platform into the Facebook, Google, and Adform ecosystems, let’s get in touch. We are happy to present use-cases on acquisition, granulated personalisation, win-back and more.