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App push

Do you want to make app push part of your marketing?

There is a smartphone in almost every consumer’s pocket. We use them for search, shopping, gaming, watching films, as a payment solution and, of course, to stay connected with other people. With the 24/7 accessibility following our attachment to the smartphone, app push notifications is a highly effective way to keep your users active and loyal to your business – especially if you are pushing personalised messages based on users’ behaviour and preferences or, for example, their physical location. 

How can you use
app push notifications?

Reuse content and personalisation rules across channels

The good thing is, in Agillic everything is customer-centric. That means: One customer, one set of personalisation rules. This way, you can easily apply and reuse your personalisation rules and your content across all channels. You create content for the app push notifications similar to how you create content for other channels and push out personalised messages based on the individual user’s behaviour and preferences.

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