Landing Pages and Forms

Landing pages and forms

Are you tapping into the benefits of personalised landing pages?

Landing pages are a vital part of your marketing and directly support your business goals. This is where you lead your audience to engage with a campaign offer or to sign up for a competition – and it is an effective way to yield results from your paid media investments and to grow your permission database. So, you need to create landing pages on a regular basis – but are you? Many marketers are stuck with cumbersome processes or rely on the IT department to help out. With Agillic, you are empowered to make it happen yourself.

Build and personalise without coding

We have made it easy to build personalised landing pages. There’s no coding required, which means you don’t have to call IT. And instead of a one-size-fits-all, you can personalise at various levels, such as messaging, product offer or CTA, just as you would your emails. In fact, with Agillic, you can use the same personalisation criteria and content in your emails, which enables you to work much more efficiently – reach out to us and let’s show you how.

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If you are curious to see how easy it is to work in the Agillic Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform, reach out to us now. We know that seeing is believing, and we would love to make you a believer. 

Reach out to us from our contact page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Landing pages and forms

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Personalisation on multiple levels, with content depending on the customer profile and behaviour


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