Are you on top of email marketing?

Email marketing is powerful, both as a campaign and customer lifecycle communication. It is a golden opportunity to provide relevant and personalised content, spur brand love – and let’s not forget: to increase conversion. And with marketing automation, your emails pay off efficiently.

Personalised emails drive more sales

Do you want to create personalised emails with high engagement rates that drive business value? With Agillic’s user-friendly interface, you can create personalised, great-looking, high-performing and value-generating emails in no time. Create your content, let data inform you who should receive what, set up the rules, press send.


Fact checking personalisation

There is a lot of hype around marketing personalisation – but how can you distinguish buzzwords and empty promises from lucrative trends and real opportunities? Watch the webinar to find out.


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Reuse content and personalisation rules across channels

Emails are great, but there are other channels that your customers cherish. The good thing is, in Agillic everything is customer-centric. That means: One customer, one set of personalisation rules. This way, you can easily apply and reuse your personalisation rules and your content across all channels.

Blog post

Email Deliverability: How to sidestep spam

You draft the perfect email, send it to your customer base, achieve a high delivery rate but then… your open rate remains disappointingly low. Why is this happening and how can you fix it?


Check out our article on email deliverability to find out!

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