Fast time to value

Our biggest platform update yet boosts efficiency threefold, liberating your time for brilliant ideas and fresh projects.

With major infrastructure enhancements, we’re introducing slick new features and a user-friendly interface that slashes new team member onboarding time by half. Dive into the highlights below.

Intuitive Design and Enhanced UX

Intuitive design and enhanced UX

Transform your content creation with our redesigned block panel and condition editor, seamlessly blending enhanced productivity and user-friendly features. Enjoy smart search across folders, effortless drag & drop repositioning, and the convenience of discarding unsaved changes in content trees and folders across channels, promotion, and library blocks, making your workflow more intuitive and efficient than ever.

Dynamic content and data utilisation

The update introduces a no-code interface for dynamic content fields and new block types like Target Group Blocks, simplifying personalised communication.

Improved Editing and Testing

Improved editing and testing

Enhancements to text resources, promotions, and preview/testing offer a more robust editing experience, ensuring content accuracy and relevance.

How new content designers set a new standard in personalisation

At the heart of our New Content Designers lies a singular vision: to accelerate your marketing success by simplifying advanced personalisation and enhancing efficiency.

What is new?

Watch the full transition guide video, with knowledge overview and a quiz to test yourself.

Visual appeal & Intuitiveness:
“Major upgrade in user experience, with helpful additions like mobile view previews and clearer error indications.”
Rasmus Bidstrup

Consistency & Efficiency:
“Streamlines interface across modules, enhancing user-friendliness and reducing go-to-market time.”
Mikkel Dellgren Nielsen

User-centric design:
“Significantly modernizes the email editor, providing a ‘wow’ experience and clearer targeting with the condition preview feature.”
Signe Israelsen 
Nexus Ambition

Modern & Intuitive:
“Aligns with the universe of existing tools, making condition creation clearer and visually intuitive.”
Sebastian Jørgensen
Nexus Ambition

Simplified complexity:
“Improves UI to make
complex setups easier, aiding
onboarding of new users.”
Jacob Fusager

Spacious & Clear:
Offers a spacious feel with easy navigation and clear visuals
in the email editor.”
Judith Koethnig

Ready to personalise your communication?

Schedule a consultation with our Center of Excellence to learn more about our platform and how you can personalise it to fit your business needs.

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Starter guide: 

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Answers to common questions about the upgrade

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New content designers features with the new e-learning videos.

Release notes:

See the complete overhaul of the Email, Web, and Print content designers in detail: