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Why SMS marketing works

One of the reasons why SMS marketing works, is that most of us keep our smart phone with us at all times – and we read SMS messages as soon as we get them. No wonder, the short and sweet SMS outperforms any other communication channel in terms of read rate. SMS is great as a standalone channel, and it can also play a vital part in your omnichannel marketing strategy. Are you ready to tap into the benefits of outbound SMS? 


Danish Red Cross is effectively using SMS marketing to raise funds

Check out the case to learn more about how the value of text messages conversion rates was uplifted by 60% and for emails by 120%

Work smarter with our new SMS editor

A new, smooth interface helps you get SMS marketing under your thumb. Watch the video to see how easy you can work with features such as dynamic content, language versions, external links, preview, character count and more. 


Personalised SMS, easily set up​

Whether you use texting marketing to nudge a shopper to complete a purchase, polls, service-messages, campaigns or fundraising, with Agillic you can easily set up, automate and execute SMS messages. And while you are at it: make it personal! Did you know, in Agillic, you can reuse your personalisation criteria and content across channels for a seamless customer experience? It’s a fact☺

Speed matters

When a catastrophe happens, humanitarian organisations need to reach donors fast. Text messages are vital in this process and the communication has to be set up and delivered within hours for maximum impact. After migrating to Agillic, Danish Red Cross achieved a significant efficiency boost and were able to turn one-off donations into long-lasting customer relationships. Watch the webinar and learn how.

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SMS Marketing

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