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No. 18Agillic Appoints New Chief Financial Officer Claus Boysen 30.11.2021

No. 17 Reporting of transactions related to shares in Agillic A/S made by persons with managerial responsibilities25.10.2021

No. 16 Agillic releases on track results for Q3 202122.10.2021

No. 15 Agillic releases half-year 2021 results with continued ARR growth, positive EBITDA and all-time high for subscription revenue, gross profit and number of clients26.08.2021

No. 14Agillic raises EBITDA guidance for 202115.07.2021

No. 13 Agillic CFO leaves30.06.2021

No. 12 Agillic releases Q1 2021 results with continued ARR growth, all-time high number of clients for the second quarter in a row, and a positive EBITDA04.05.2021

No. 11 Agillic implements changes to the board of directors and issues 105,500 new warrants. Three current and former leading employees exercise warrants 07.04.2021

No. 10Minutes from Agillic’s annual general meeting 30 March 202130.03.2021

No. 9 Agillic A/S (Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark: AGILC) calls for annual general meeting on 30 March 202116.03.2021

No. 8Annual report 2020: Agillic achieves a positive EBITDA for the first time since the IPO. Time to recover Customer Acquisition Costs down from 18 to 12 months26.02.2021

No. 7At an extraordinary general meeting, Agillic implements changes to the board of directors and issues new warrants03.02.2021

No. 6Agillic calls for an extraordinary general meeting20.01.2021

No. 5Agillic releases its two-year growth plan “Reboot 2.1” and financial guidance for 2021 and 202219.01.2021

No. 4 Reporting of transactions in Agillic A/S shares by persons with managerial responsibilities18.01.2021

No. 3Michael Moesgaard Andersen, who is an investor in Penneo and Konsolidator, invests in Agillic A/S and will join the Board of Directors14.01.2021

No. 2Agillic A/S will raise DKK 11.65 million in new capital and due to overwhelming interest, a further DKK 10.5 million through sale of existing shares.14.01.2021

No. 1Agillic A/S has entered into a Certified Adviser Agreement with Norden CEF04.01.2021

No. 20Agillic A/S has entered into a Market Maker agreement with Danske Bank A/S04.12.2020

No. 19 Agillic A/S publishes the financial calendar for 202117.11.2020

No. 18Agillic A/S releases Q3 2020 results 22.10.2020

No. 17Agillic recruits new internationally experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to support the Company’s continued international expansion31.8. 2020

No. 16Agillic A/S releases H1 2020 results and presents new guidance for 202020.8. 2020

No. 15 Agillic A/S Reporting of transactions in Agillic A/S shares by persons with managerial responsibility12.6. 2020

No. 14 Agillic A/S Correction of announcement no. 12 and no. 13 – reporting of transactions in Agillic A/S shares by persons with managerial responsibilities corrected from “Sales” to “Purchase”11.6. 2020

No. 13 Reporting of transactions in Agillic A/S shares by persons with managerial responsibilities10.6.2020

No. 12Agillic A/S – Reporting of reporting of transactions in Agillic A/S shares by persons with managerial responsibilities10.6. 2020

No. 11Agillic A/S announces financial results for Q1 2020 showing 15% growth in revenue30.4. 2020

No. 10Agillic A/S completes registration of capital increase of 924,669 shares29.4. 2020

No. 9Agillic A/S suspends financial guidance for 2020 due to coronavirus06.4.2020

No. 8Agillic A/S has initiated a rights issue with pre-emptive rights for its existing shareholders30.3. 2020

No. 7Agillic A/S Agillic completes registration of capital increase of 223,958 shares30.3. 2020

No. 6Agillic A/S – Agillic Annual General Meeting Minutes 24 March 2020 – Read the minutes in Danish26.03.2020

No. 5 Agillic A/S has entered into an agreement for new equity capital16.3.2020

No. 4Agillic A/S calls for annual general meeting 24 March 2020 10.3.2020

No. 3Agillic A/S presents Q4 2019 results and releases annual report for 2019 20.2.2020

No. 2Agillic A/S – Agillic recruits new CEO to execute and lead the next growth and internationalisation phase31.1. 2020

No. 1Agillic A/S – Agillic releases preliminary results for 2019 and 2020 guidance. Further, a process aiming at raising DKK 20-25 million in a share issue is initiated31.1. 2020

No. 17Agillic A/S – Agillic upgrades the guidance for 2018 to an increase in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of 48-52%19.12.2018

No. 16Agillic A/S – Referat fra ekstraordinær generalforsamling 14.12.2018

No. 15Agillic A/S – Agillic calls for an extraordinary general meeting, with the purpose of electing new auditor for the company 29.11.2018

No. 14Agillic A/S – Financial Report Q3 2018: Agillic increases the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) with 79% and attracts high-profile clients 07.11.2018

No. 13Agillic A/S – Interim Report Q2 2018: Agillic raises subscription value with 79% compared to June 30. 2017, and 17% compared to December 31. 2017 22.08.2018

No. 12Agillic A/S – Agillic wins FDIH award for Best E-commerce Tool 25.05.2018

No. 11Agillic A/S – Agillic raises sales significantly for Norwegian retailer through use of AI models 25.05.2018

No. 10Agillic A/S – Interim Report Q1 2018 09.05.2018

No. 9Agillic A / S invites you to a presentation and webcast of the company quarterly announcement for January08.05.2018

No. 8Agillic A/S – Agillic strengthens position on the Swedish market, in new strategic collaboration on AI-driven marketing automation with agency chain House of Friends (HofF) 30.04.2018

No. 7Agillic A/S – Agillic hires Sitecore CEO Thomas G. Andersen as Chief Sales Officer 04.04.2018

No. 6Agillic A/S – Agillic hires Christian Henrik Tange as Chief Financial Officer28.03.2018

No. 5Agillic A/S – Completion of the offering and registration of share capital enhancement 21.03.2018

No. 4Correction of numbers stated for stocks from new orders 19.03.2018

No. 3Agillic A/S – Agillic’s stock offering of new shares were oversubscribed 19.03.2018 –

No. 2 Agillic A/S – Correction of stated subscription time01.03.2018

No. 1Agillic publishes company description for stock exchange entry in Copenhagen 01.03.2018

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