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Transactional emails

Now you can tap into the synergies of sending transactional emails along with your marketing emails from the Agillic platform. The channel enables you to unleash the benefits of unified reporting and analytics, consistent branding and personalisation for an improved customer experience.

Outbound SMS

Most of us have our smartphone at all times – and read SMS messages immediately. No wonder the SMS is the highest performing communication channel in terms of read rate. SMS can play a vital role in your omnichannel marketing strategy. Are you ready to tap into the benefits of outbound SMS?

Landing pages and forms

With Agillic, it’s easy to build campaigns and mini websites. If you can create an email in Agillic, you can create a website – no coding required. Apply personalisation to your website, just as you would email – you can even reuse the personalisation criteria from your email.

Inbound SMS

Let customers and prospects get in touch with you with inbound SMS. Use inbound SMS for competitions, sign-ups, voting and lead generation – and make it a two-way communication as you respond with a triggered flow to nurture and convert them.

Paid media

Consumers expect relevance and personalisation at all touchpoints, including digital ads. With Agillic, you can synchronise and activate your 1st party Agillic data within paid media channels including Facebook, Google Ads and Adform.

App push

As consumers are increasingly mobile, app push is a great way to stay in touch. Keep them active and loyal to your business by sending relevant messages based on behaviour and preferences or, for example, their physical location.

Agillic Advisor

Front-end personnel who aren’t working directly in the Agillic platform, such as call centre staff and shop assistants, can easily look up customers in the Agillic Advisor. With a single view of the customer, providing great customer service becomes easy.


Direct mail is the classic print equivalent of email marketing. It is renowned for its capacity to drive high conversion rates and ROI – and it still works. With Agillic, print can be combined with digital channels in powerful omnichannel marketing strategies.

Efficient data-handling data is imperative

With Agillic, you can take advantage of a flexible data structure, enabling you to harness your data in the most productive way possible. Read up on our data structure, integration possibilities, reporting tools, and much more.

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