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Omnichannel for​
customer-centric engagement

The Agillic Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform empowers brands to work with data-driven insights and content to create, automate, and send personalised communication to millions.

Traditional marketing methods are losing performance​

Retail marketers deal with a gigantic shopping list of pressing to-dos: increasing customer lifetime value, growing repeat purchase rates, driving website and foot traffic, and increasing website conversions. Not to mention implementing personalisation at scale and tapping into the massive amounts of consumer data.

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Increase in
Improved customer

A unified message across all channels

To succeed, you need well-thought-through strategies and agile tools. At Agillic, we offer customer journey and omnichannel execution based on transactional and behavioural data as well as paid media integration to optimise the media spend.

Plus, automated, personalised communication across the entire customer lifecycle. It’s all about providing value and creating great customer experiences so they keep coming back. From app push notifications and emails to SMS and landing pages, you can create those experiences and more in Agillic.

Unlock the power of personalisation for your e-commerce brand

With endless shopping opportunities at our fingertips, it’s harder than ever to achieve customer loyalty. Getting the attention of new customers and nurturing your existing business can feel like a challenge.

With Agillic, it’s easy to grow your customer base and deepen existing customer relationships. How? By maintaining relevance. Boost the value of your data and amplify your communication impact by anticipating your customers’ needs and personalising every touchpoint across their journey.

From purchase patterns, time spent, marketing channels used and more, your business creates a massive amount of customer data. The challenge is using it to improve sales and build long-term customer relationships.

Agillic is designed to be truly customer-centric. With our super-flexible data model, you can effectively create personas or dynamic target groups and use behavioural data to target the right audience at the right time. Our solution for reusable content makes it easy to personalise communication across channels, languages and personas.

How do you make sure your paid campaigns reach the right audience with the right message?

With Agillic’s native integrations to paid media in the Google, Facebook and Adform ecosystems, you can automate the synchronisation of first-party data with third-party data and activate it within paid media channels. This means you can optimise your ad spend as you identify the audience that is most susceptible to your message and leave out those who aren’t.

See how leading brands use Agillic

See how Matas, one of Denmark’s largest retailers, increased repeat purchase rates by 300%. Email marketing is an essential part of Matas’ strategy and helped them earn the award for ‘Best Omnichannel Company’ in Denmark. Discover how they create unique customer experiences and successfully increase CLV.

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Agillic (Nasdaq First North Growth Market Copenhagen: AGILC) is a Danish software company offering brands a platform through which they can work with data-driven insights and content to create, automate and send personalised communication to millions. Agillic is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with teams in Germany, Norway, and Romania.

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