This policy aims at ensuring that Agillic’s contributions to sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices are communicated and enacted.

The environmental policy applies to all employees and all functions in Agillic. Furthermore, it extends to the company’s suppliers.


  • Through our omnichannel marketing automation platform, we contribute to eliminating communication pollution by using the power of data and content to creating unique customer experiences. Eliminated communication results in less data transmitted and less CO2 emitted.
  • We are committed to running our business operations in a continually more sustainable way. The aim is to reduce the negative environmental impact of our business operations. This primarily pertains to energy consumption related to IT and software operations, office buildings, and business travel.
  • We encourage all employees to act with environmental awareness in their daily business conduct and we support remote working and online customer meetings to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We are committed to reducing the energy consumption and the carbon emissions deriving from our own operations (Scope 1+2), and eventually, we will include carbon emissions from our value chain (Scope 3).
  • We will calculate and report our carbon emissions according to the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standards. The completeness and accuracy of data will be gradually improved over time.

This Policy has been approved by Agillic’s board of directors and adherence to the principles will be monitored regularly. Executive Leadership is responsible for establishing policies, processes and procedures to ensure compliance with this Policy, and reporting structures are put in place to verify compliance.