The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Agillic acts as a responsible employer who respects human rights in all aspects of its business conduct.

The Human Rights Policy applies to all employees, all managers, and all functions in Agillic. Furthermore, it extends to the company’s value chain, including suppliers and customers.


  • At Agillic, we are committed to respecting human rights, and we work to prevent any kind of modern slavery or child labour in our business.
  • Agillic acknowledges and complies with the requirements of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ensures that no part of the company is complicit with any human rights abuses.
  • We treat all employees and business partners with dignity and respect.
  • We respect the rights of our employees to associate freely and engage in collective bargaining.
  • The safety and well-being of our employees are paramount to us, and we regard the continual development of our employees’ competences and their social, mental, and physical well-being and safety to be of high importance.
  • Agillic respects and acknowledges cultural differences and disassociates itself from any discrimination based on race, religion, age, nationality, or sexual orientation.
  • Agillic expects that suppliers do not engage in violation of human rights in any way.

This Policy has been approved by Agillic’s board of directors and adherence to the principles will be monitored regularly. Executive Leadership is responsible for establishing policies, processes and procedures to ensure compliance with this Policy, and reporting structures are put in place to verify compliance.