This policy outlines how Agillic strives to act as a socially responsible employer. The people & social policy applies to all employees and all managers in Agillic.

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company we are highly dependent on our people. It is of utmost importance to us to be regarded as a respected and attractive employer. Our actions and behaviours are grounded in our corporate values: Integrity, Continuity, Expertise, and Dedication (ICED)


  • Agillic is a workplace for all. We are committed to ensuring and promoting diversity in the workforce including employees with different nationalities, ethnicity, and disabilities, young and old, all genders and sexual orientations
  • We have zero tolerance against harassment or assaults of any kind
  • We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities and a safe and healthy work environment for all employees
  • We strive to attract, onboard, retain, and continually develop our employees
  • We want to make positive contributions to the lives, well-being and development of our employees
  • We provide attractive compensation, benefits and working conditions, which include flexibility to work remotely, as well as numerous social activities
  • We are focused on creating a healthy working environment with high performing teams that develop together, and not least have fun while doing it
  • We want to create a sense of belonging and a community for continued learning
  • We have systematised knowledge sharing through The Agillic Academy which is an umbrella initiative for knowledge sharing, inspiration, and training of employees, clients, and partners.
  • We follow-up on employee satisfaction through regular surveys and proactively work on creating a higher satisfaction based on the feedback provided.
  • We secure an open, transparent, and regular dialogue with all employees to ensure a common understanding of objectives and to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.
  • Employees with knowledge of or suspecting this policy has been breached are required to contact the Executive Leadership directly and immediately.

This Policy has been approved by Agillic’s board of directors and adherence to the principles will be monitored at regular intervals. The Executive Leadership is responsible for establishing policies, processes and procedures to ensure compliance with this Policy, and reporting structures are put in place to verify compliance.