Forrester study: European omnichannel marketing automation 2022

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Agillic commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study exploring what makes a leader in personalised omnichannel marketing automation and assessing the European market’s maturity.

The study revealed that omnichannel marketing automation is indeed a revenue driver. Join our online event featuring a keynote by Rusty Warner of Forrester to learn its true value – when and how it is worth implementing, what challenges to expect, and what the benefits will be of navigating this process.

Rasmus Houlind, Agillic CXO and author of the book ‘Make it all about me’, will host the event and, together with Agillic clients provide perspective on the Forrester study.

The clients are:

Global Blue: Manfred Schmiedl, VP Security, Infrastructure and Operations.
Matas: Stefan Kirkedal, Head of Customer Insights, Loyalty and Matas Media.


Agillic presents study by Forrester Consulting


14 September 2022, 9-11am CET



Receive the Forrester Consulting study

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the full Forrester Consulting study.