Fact checking personalisation: Do your customers really care?

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There is a lot of hype around marketing personalisation – but how can you distinguish buzzwords and empty promises from lucrative trends and real opportunities?

Attend our upcoming webinar – hosted by MAD//Fest with Agillic, The Financial Times and Miinto – to learn how to identify and implement the marketing strategies you need to crank up and cash in on your personalisation. 

The webinar, ‘Fact checking personalisation: will it make you more money + do your customers really care?’ will take place on 10 February at 15.00CET. The event will answer:

  • Does personalisation really work? Is it scalable?
  • Are you wasting time, money and credibility on campaigns that fail to provide ROI? 
  • Is hyper-personalisation worth the hype – or is it yet another waste of precious resources?
  • What’s more important – reach or relevance?
  • Do your customers really even care?

Attend the event for a discussion on how to leverage marketing automation to scale and refine customer experience within a budget; how to avoid common pitfalls within hyper-personalisation; and understanding the ‘DNA’ of successful personalisation strategies.

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