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The best-in-class within customer experience approach their communications in several key ways. Firstly, they recognise their customers across channels and obtain permission to communicate directly. They systematically collect data from across their channels and touchpoints, and then act on those data-driven insights to create better communication, service and customer experience. After doing so, they analyse their performance using customer metrics to optimise their process.

Ultimately, what these organisations have in common is that they organise themselves around omnichannel marketing.

To enable you to follow in these best-in-class footsteps, we have put together a webinar with our partner Ratio to help you master these points. The event will cover:

  • why you should move conversations from paid to owned media channels
  • how to execute a successful permissions campaign
  • how to keep subscribers engaged
  • how to strategically add more channels
  • how to navigate organisational challenges

Case stories will include Capco and the British Heart Foundation.

british heart foundation

The event will take place on 6 July at 11AM CET/10AM BST. Hit the sign-up button now to start gathering permissions and cranking up your conversion rate!


This session will explore the foundational role that data plays in enabling digital teams to design and build customer experiences around the way customers wish to interact with their preferred brands, regardless of channel.

Our hosts will explore the journey that marketing teams can take to reimagine customer experiences built around the myriad ways a customer can interact with a brand during the session. They will discuss how data, technology and personalised experiences can delight customers and drive referrals and support revenue generation.


About Rasmus Houlind

Rasmus joined Agillic as Chief Commercial Officer in September 2015. Rasmus has worked with international clients and loyalty program development for international companies. He is the author of a book on Omnichannel Marketing and Customer Experience, a sought-after keynote speaker, and industry expert. Rasmus holds an M.A. in Information Studies from Aarhus University.


About Mario Kyriacou

Mario Kyriacou is the co-founder of digital consultancy Ratio. Their focus is on delivering measurable value in months – not years – and pushing the boundaries of how brands can build digital experiences built around their customer’s ever-changing needs.

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