Succeed with your product feed: drive revenue and save costs through feed-based marketing automation

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4 May 2022, 10-10:30 CET



Product feed data is at the heart of any e-commerce business. Learn how Kop & Kande is using personalisation to maximise ROI. 

For retailers, commercial success is underpinned by the ability to create personalised product feeds in end-customer communication.  It’s no secret that your personalisation capacity depends directly on the quality of product data you have on hand. It is, therefore, pivotal to clean and streamline your product feed before activating it across channels, even in marketing automation. But when it comes to feed-based personalisation, there’s lots more to play around with!  

Kop & Kande knows how to manage all the moving parts in its product feed. Learn how it has executed product feed transformation and activation at our free webinar! 

The free event is hosted by the best-of-breed technical alliance of Feed Management Platform WakeupData, Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform Agillic, and Kop & Kande’s Digital Marketing Agency Web2Media.

Join us to:

  • Learn the golden rules of product data quality
  • Hear how Kop & Kande optimises and activates product feeds in automated marketing
  • Get expert tips on how to maximise ROI from feed-based marketing campaigns

The webinar is for those who work in a line organisation within marketing, eCommerce and revenue generation. The seminar is not open for marketing automation vendors or agencies.