Utilising first party data for revenue generation

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Wednesday Relations webinar


29 March, 10:00am-10.45am



If the customer is king, actionable customer data is the crown jewels.

As a retailer, this is especially true in an offline/online world, where understanding your customer interactions (and reacting to those interactions in a timely and personalised way at scale), underpins commercial success.

Danish kitchen provider Kvik is driving to do just this!

Join us to learn how and why you should consider a first-party-data driven strategy that will set you free from the “walled gardens” – Google, Facebook and Amazon ads – and give you full insight and control of activating your greatest asset, first party customer data.

In the webinar you will:

  • Hear from Kvik how you can optimise unused commercial potential with a focus on utilising data across the whole customer journey
  • Learn what the CDP actually is and how to activate the data that goes through it 
  • Gain insights into how to build your ecosystem of technical solutions to boost and activate all of your customer data 
  • Hear how organisations drive personalised customer communications at scale across channels.

The panelists and speakers:

  • Søren Valdorff Rasmussen, Customer Journey and Performance team lead, Kvik
  • Julie Lindstrøm Antonsen, Junior Business Consultant, Kvik
  • Bo Sannung, CCO, Agillic
  • Thomas Lee, Senior Account Executive, Tealium
  • Kjell Wittmaack, COO, NexusOne
  • Bo Reenberg, Senior Architect, NexusOne

The seminar is for you who work in a line organization within marketing, data analytics and revenue generation. The seminar is not open for kitchen suppliers or their vendors, CDP- or marketing automation vendors.