Workshop: Organising for success with Omnichannel marketing


How to organise your marketing
department to release the value of Omnichannel Marketing

Join us for a complimentary online workshop
Are you building capabilities to run omnichannel marketing or are you ready to take your omnichannel marketing efforts to the next level, then this online workshop is for you.

Rethinking the marketing organisation
Often, marketing executives look for technology to enable their visions. However, a tech-only approach to omnichannel marketing is not going to provide the value you are looking for. You need to consider the organisational design; are silos hindering collaboration, are there competency gaps that must be filled, or other areas of friction you have to manage.

With your organisation as the starting point, the complimentary workshop offers you a strategic and practical approach to establish the marketing organisation you need to succeed with omnichannel marketing.

MOMENTO’S acclaimed framework
During the workshop, you will be using the MOMENTO framework; Omnichannel Capability Design Map, developed by Jes Rørbech, who is the moderator of the workshop. Jes has a vast experience in helping companies organise effectively.

Your starting point:

  • You have your strategy for your omnichannel in place and ready to deploy it.
  • You have already invested in an omnichannel software solution, but feel you are not getting the ROI you are looking for.

Your outcome of the day:

  • An understanding of the success criteria when establishing a organisation
    dedicated to omnichannel marketing and the ambition of delivering a coherent customer experience across channels.
  • A hands-on approach to building an efficient organisation by combining
    external and internal resources.
  • Understanding of how to ensure value from your omnichannel software
  • Mapping of your current organisation and set-up to secure your omnichannel organisation to-be vision and on on how to get there.


Welcome and introduction to the workshop, by Bo Sannung and Jes

The Omnichannel Marketing promise – and challenge, by Rasmus Houlind, CXO of Agillic

Operating model vision design and introduction to the tool, by Jes Rørbech from MOMENTO

Break-out sessions using the MOMENTO Omnichannel Capability Design Map to build your to be/wishes for and omnichannel organisation:

  1. What do you need to have in place to achieve your omnichannel
    marketing ambition?
  2. Individual mapping of your organisation
  3. Individual mapping of your to-be organisation – what stays inhouse
    and what can you outsource?
  4. Realising the vision. What does it take to realise your organisation
    for omnichannel marketing vision?

During the three break-out sessions, you together with a smaller group
will carry out the mapping and discuss the challenges and vision based
on your organisation. Each group will be facilitated and get support through the process. The mapping of your as-is and to-be organisation
is private to you, and it is voluntary whether you share it with the other
participants. At the close of each break-out session, there will be knowledge-sharing in the plenum.

Wrap-up and evaluation, by Jes Rørbech

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About Jes Rørbech

Jes Rørbech is the owner of MOMENTO, a consultancy focusing on helping companies optimising customer orientation, go-tomarket effectiveness, and organisational efficiency. Jes has more than 15 years of consulting experience from MOMENTO, Valtech, and AHEAD and is also an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School in Marketing Leadership and Organisation.