Agillic welcomes top form success stories in Germany with a new Partner “agilea” and a new client “CyberFitness”

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CyberFitness is an online fitness and digital health provider that now offers certified online health courses, paid  for by health insurance companies. To support the new business model CyberFitness has turned to Agillic and  Agillic’s new partner agilea.

CyberFitness is Germany’s largest online fitness provider, with more than 1 million subscribers. CyberFitness has expanded their offer with what they call “cyberprevention”, 8 or 9 week long video-based health courses in areas such as yoga, pilates and back coaching. 

Not only are the courses tested and certified by German health authorities, they are also covered by most of Germany’s “Krankenkassen” (approx. 100 different health insurance companies). This means that subscribers can take up to two certified health courses per year and have the cost taken over by their insurance company.  CyberFitness is determined to increase awareness as well as increase completion of booked courses, an important point since only fulfilled courses are reimbursed by the insurance companies.

Agillic’s new partnership with agilea supports CyberFitness on its mission to make Germans healthier and to create an innovative opportunity for an additional revenue stream with significant growth potential. To maximize the results, CyberFitness will create personalized omnichannel communication based on Agillic’s best-of-breed marketing automation solution, with agilea’s member management software as a backbone. 

Growing footprint in the fitness industry

Subscription models, including Health and Fitness, has long been a successful business area for Agillic. Agillic provides the tools to deliver consistent and personalised customer experience across channels which increases loyalty, customer lifetime value, and revenue for industries such as fitness studios. The partnership between Agillic and Agilea, supporting new client CyberFitness is yet another proof point of Agillic’s expertise in connecting the dots in a complex digital ecosystem with different actors and different stakeholder groups to consider. 

agilea new partner in Germany

The project with CyberFitness is delivered in collaboration with new German partner, software developing company agilea. The agilea software provides fitness studios with a complete solution for better e.g. membership management, entrance control, booking and checkin/checkout. The partnership with Agillic equips agilea with omnichannel communication, and an opportunity for agilea’s consultants to become experts in marketing automation via the Agillic certification courses. The launch of Agillic and agilea’s new client also strengthens Agillic’s presence in the DACH region.

Says Tilman Freisen, Managing Director, agilea:

“Our vision is to offer a complete software solution and implementation services to help fitness studios and other subscription-based services to strengthen their business. The only thing we have lacked is an advanced platform for communication. Together with Agillic, the synergy effects between our backbone and Agillic’s flexible platform for customer communication completes our solutions with a best of breed offering.”

Says Emre Gürsoy, CEO, Agillic A/S:

“I am really proud of our high expertise in the complex data structures of global subscription businesses. The new partnership with agilea will enable us to further advance our efforts in this industry as well as the DACH region.  Our road to successful DACH market penetration is paved through strong partnerships and joint client wins. We have great expectations on the growth potential in the fitness industry, while we maintain Germany as one of our focus markets. We are looking forward to being a part of German market innovative business model implementations fueled by the changing market dynamics and digital transformation opportunities.”

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About Agillic A/S​

About Agillic A/S

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