Agillic’s clients made a clean sweep at the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s e-commerce award show

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Press release, Copenhagen, 21 May 2021

The Danish Chamber of Commerce celebrates the best companies within e-commerce and digital business at their annual award show. This year, four of five nominees in the category” Best omnichannel company” were clients of the Danish omnichannel marketing automation company Agillic. Three of them were awarded with a prize.

Agillic’s clients made a clean sweep at the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s e-commerce award show on 20 May 2021. In the category “Best Omnichannel Company”, Matas, Brødrene A.O. Johansen and Bog & Idé took first, second and third place. Agillic client Bolia was also nominated, and in total, four out of five nominees are using the Agillic Platform to execute their omnichannel marketing visions.

Thomas Grane, CIO/CHRO at Matas comments:

“We are thrilled to win this prize for the second year in a row, and we are honoured by the recognition of our work. We have come a long way, but we have many more ideas up our sleeves. Most importantly, the customers are more than ready for further omnichannel experiences, and there is a huge potential in continually integrating touchpoints and channels and enabling a fully customer-centric organisation in the years to come.”

Part of the jury’s motivation for appointing Matas as the winner of the category was the company’s impressive way of tackling traditional omnichannel with accelerated growth despite a turbulent year. They launched live shows, employees produced videos, they invested in management and people, all while focusing on developing their omnichannel maturity where they set new standards. Matas are inspired by technological developments globally and they implement it and create inspiration for retail omnichannel initiatives.

Emre Gürsoy, CEO of Agillic comments:

“I am most excited by the results and the recognition of our clients’ success. Another year in a row, one of our clients is receiving the Best Omnichannel award. We are proud to be the choice of their MarTech technology delivering personalized communications to their omnichannel marketing visions. Congratulations to Matas for winning the ”Best Omnichannel Company” award 2nd year in a row, to AO Johansen who was a strong runner-up and to third place winner Bog & Idé. I would also like to congratulate Bolia for a strong nomination for the prize. Matas is a true beacon in the industry striving to create superior personalized omnichannel experiences. They have built an innovative and customer-centric organisation that drives remarkable results. Their intelligent use of Agillic alongside their MarTech eco-system is a great example for the true impact of omnichannel marketing on Customer Lifetime Value and business results. I would also like to congratulate AO Johansen for winning “Best B2B company with online turnover over 200 million kr.”

We strive towards being the best bar none omnichannel technology for personalised communications. Together with our Partners, we aim to support and enable more winners in the future.”

The Danish Chamber of Commerce is a network for the service industry in Denmark. It is one of the largest professional business organisations in Denmark. The jury for the annual award consists of professionals with extensive e-commerce experience and understanding.

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Previous winners:

2020: Agillic client Matas won the category “Best omnichannel company.” 

2019: Agillic client Brødrene A.O. Johansen won the category “Best omnichannel company.”

2018: Agillic won the prize ”Best e-commerce tool.”  

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