Bonus Episode: Discussing Moments of Truth and the CDPs with Founder and Tealium CTO, Mike Anderson

Bonus Episode Discussing Moments of Truth and the CDPs with Founder and Tealium CTO Mike Anderson

This week’s episode of the ‘Hello $FirstName’ podcast is a BONUS episode and we’ll be discussing Moments of Truth and the role of CDPs within Personalization. To help us become wiser on this topic we have Founder and CTO at Tealium, Mike Anderson in the studio.

In the episode we cover the following points:
– Mike’s career and how Tealium was born before the term CDP was even invented
– How important Personalization is in the world of Tealium
– What ‘When’ and ‘Realtime’ mean for personalization
– How Tealium can help marketers uncover both Segments and Moments of Truth with their customers
– Which companies can benefit from a CDP? How Martech-mature do they need to be?
– Who doesn’t need one… (tricky one there but Mike manages to answer quite good!)
– What the biggest value-add normally is for CDP clients
– What Mike’s best advice is for companies wanting to evaluate or implement a CDP
– Mike’s own favourite example of personalization that he’s experienced personally.

Based on Rasmus Houlind’s latest book ’Hello $FirstName – Profiting from Personalization’

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