Discussing ‘Personalization in Campaigns’ with Mads Jefsen, Marketing Director at F.C.Copenhagen

Discussing 'Personalization in Campaigns' with Mads Jefsen Marketing Director at F C Copenhagen

In this week’s episode of the ‘Hello $FirstName’ podcast I’ll be discussing chapter 10 ‘Personalization in Campaigns’ with Mads Jefsen, Marketing Director at the football Club F.C.Copenhagen (FCK).

FCK has been a huge success the last few years – and with the recent qualification into the knockout parts of the Champions League – this year is no exception. But they’re not only doing well on the field – they’re known worldwide within the world of football for how they work with commercializing their club and their digital activities!

…Also when it comes to personalizing campaigns!

Watch it to learn more!

When working with personalization in campaigns it’s really about how you match your segments with the right messages.

FCK are masters of this!

Working with insights such as the customers’ favourite stand on the stadium, their buying patterns, their interest in merchandise and much much more…

We cover the following points:

– Mads’s background from both the publishing industry and FCK
– How Mads defines the term personalization
– How Mads and his team manages the complexity of a football club and the data it is consistently creating personalized customer experiences
– How they use these insights in their campaigns and for personalizing the customer experience in general
– Mads’s own favourite example of personalization that he’s experienced personally

Based on Rasmus Houlind’s latest book ’Hello $FirstName – Profiting from Personalization’

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