Discussing Segmentation with Lisa Björnskär, CEO at BellyBalance.se, ex Customer Growth+Loyalty at 3

Discussing Segmentation with Lisa Björnskär CEO at BellyBalance se ex Customer Growth+Loyalty at 3

In this week’s episode of the ‘Hello $FirstName’ podcast I’ll be discussing chapter 7 ‘Insights, Part 1: Segments’ with Lisa Björnskär, CEO at BellyBalance.se and former Head of customer loyalty, 3

Segmentation is one of the primary types of insights used in personalization and represents one of the 4 corners of the Bowtie of Personalization from the book ‘Hello $Firstname’. And segmentation is exactly what we’re discussing in this Episode.

What are segments? What different kinds exist? And how can you put them to use when you’re working with personalization?

We’ll learn from Lisa’s experience with the telco 3 in Sweden and from her CEO position at the app based startup BellyBalance.se where they’re helping people suffering from IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

How do you segment your communication in these two cases? When do you step over the line? When does it go from helpful to creepy?

We cover the following points:

  • Lisa’s background from both management consulting, the telco 3 and her experience with BellyBalance.se
  • How Lisa defines the term personalization
  • How Lisa sees the relation between segmentation and personalization
  • How Lisa sees the distinction between the two insight types Segments and Moments of Truth
  • How both demography and value based segments have been used in 3 and in BellyBalance
  • How the different segments have led to different creative messaging and channel selections?
  • How qualitative vs. quantitative data both matter when it comes to segmentation
  • Lisa’s own favourite example of personalization that he’s experienced personally

Based on Rasmus Houlind’s latest book ’Hello $FirstName – Profiting from Personalization’

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