Personalization at Matas with Peter A. Franch, Head of Customer Insights, CRM and Email at Matas

Personalization at Matas with Peter A Franch Head of Customer Insights CRM and Email at Matas

In this week’s episode of the ‘Hello $FirstName’ podcast I’ll be discussing chapter 6 ‘The Bowtie of Personalization’ with Peter Anders Franch, Head of Customer Insights, CRM and Email Marketing at the multiple award winning Danish omnichannel retailer in health and beauty, Matas.

Since The Bowtie of Personalization is one of the key chapters in the book and the Bowtie being the main model for understanding and talking about personalization in an unambiguous way, this is indeed an episode not to miss.

You can expect us to be discussing how Matas approaches personalization from a channel agnostic view and matches insights and content like few others.

That includes the following:

  • Peter’s background from both agencies and brands – as he says – it has CRM written all over it!
  • How Peter defines the term personalization and also hyper personalization
  • If and when hyper personalization makes sense in the world of Matas
  • Whether personalization mainly should happen in the channels or on an omnichannel level
  • How the channels fit into the whole personalization talk
  • How Matas prioritizes channels against one another
  • How both qualitative and quantitative data is leveraged for better CX in Matas
  • How a model like the ‘Bowtie of Personalization’ can help marketers have more meaningful conversations and thus work better together on personalization
  • What Peter believes will happen with personalization in the future
    And at the end
  • Peter’s own favourite example of personalization that he’s experienced personally

Based on Rasmus Houlind’s latest book ’Hello $FirstName – Profiting from Personalization’

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