’PERSONALIZATION ON INBOUND PLATFORMS’ with Lars B. Petersen, Founder of Uniform, Ex VP of Sitecore


In this week’s episode of the ‘Hello $FirstName’ podcast we’ll be discussing chapter 13: ’PERSONALIZATION ON INBOUND PLATFORMS’ with Lars Birkholm Petersen, Founder of Uniform, the Agency Altola and Ex VP of Business Optimization at Sitecore. 

Lars is a published author within personalization and was one of the pioneers within onsite personalization when he was at the Nordic CMS / DXP Sitecore.

In the episode we cover the following points:

  • Lars’ career path and his work at Sitecore, Altola and Uniform
  • How marketers can create the most value from doing onsite personalization
  • How fast webpage load time and personalization can be each other’s enemies
  • How the Bowtie of Personalization fits with Lars’s view on the topic
  • How simple ‘My Page’ personalization ranges into Product Recommendations
  • How hiding elements can be a part of a personalized customer experience
  • Which types of value that can be created with onsite personalization and what it takes to unlock that value
  • Lars’s own favourite example of personalization that he’s experienced personally.

Based on Rasmus Houlind’s latest book ’Hello $FirstName – Profiting from Personalization’

The book is available in print and kindle and can be bought here:
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