Agillic is second to none for enabling data-driven, personalised marketing communication – but first you’ve got to have leads.

That’s where Playable comes in. Playable’s marketing gamification platform enables marketers to design, launch, and track game campaigns to collect consent and personal data so you can create business results fast. They have gamified lead generation so you can get down to business – and funnel all those leads into Agillic.

Now you can set up effective lead generation campaigns without requiring IT resources or developers! The integration between Playable and Agillic enables seamless transitions from leads to active recipients in Agillic. Whether you want to update recipient information, import new leads, set up personalised flows or trigger events directly in your Playable campaigns, it is now possible directly in the Playable UI.

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Our Product Specialists have compiled an article including everything you need to know about our integration with Playable from a technical perspective. Click the button below to learn more!

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