With Agillic, you can reach and engage your customers and prospects through a wide range of channels. Take a single channel approach or go all the way with Omnichannel Marketing.


Email marketing is powerful, both as campaign-based and as customer lifecycle communication.

Transactional Email

Ensure communication is on brand and take advantage of the joint reporting of promotional and transactional emails.


Short and sweet, the SMS may outperform any other communication channel in terms of read rate.

Inbound SMS

Let customers and prospects get in touch with you using inbound SMS.


With Agillic, it’s easy to build campaigns and mini websites.

Paid Media

Synchronise and activate your 1st party Agillic data within paid media channels.

App Push

As consumers are increasingly mobile, app push is a great way to stay in touch.


 Look up customers with the Agillic Advisor.


The classic direct mail is the printed equivalent to email marketing.